Simple, flexible, and cost‑efficient solutions for mRNA synthesis and purification

Accelerating the research and development of mRNA vaccines requires innovative, simple, time-efficient, and cost-minimizing workflows. The demand for high-quality mRNA production must be met with flexible and scalable solutions. Invitrogen Dynabeads Streptavidin for In Vitro Transcription and Invitrogen Dynabeads Carboxylic Acid for RNA Purification combined with Invitrogen Dynabeads RNA Binding Buffer are specifically designed for optimal mRNA production.

Dynabeads magnetic beads for mRNA synthesis and purification offer:

  • Flexibility—choice of DNA template for mRNA in vitro transcription with greater flexibility of design and amplification method
  • Reusability—reuse of the DNA template at least six times for minimized plasmid prep and reduced hands-on time
  • Automation—simplified, accelerated construct screening and reaction optimization

Dynabeads Streptavidin for In Vitro Transcription

An innovative solution facilitating the reuse of DNA template, minimizing the effort needed for plasmid preparation whilst maximizing the mRNA productivity in scale ranging from µg to g quantities of mRNA.

mRNA is synthesized using a biotinylated DNA template of choice, amplified through PCR, or a linearized plasmid DNA. The biotinylated template is then immobilized directly to Dynabeads Streptavidin for In Vitro Transcription without the need for prior purification. The bead-bound template is removed from the synthesized mRNA by magnetic separation, and can be reused in the next in vitro transcription reaction at least six times.

The highly efficient Dynabeads in vitro transcription process delivers mRNA in scalable quantities that can flex quickly and easily according to your needs.

Diagram of mRNA IVT workflow

Dynabeads Carboxylic Acid for RNA Purification

The crude mRNA obtained from the in vitro transcription step is mixed with beads and Invitrogen Dynabeads RNA Binding Buffer is added. Subsequently, the mRNA binds to the surface of the beads. The application of a magnet removes the residual components from the reaction mixture and disposes of the supernatant. Synthesized mRNA is efficiently purified and removed by a simple bind-wash-elute process.

Diagram of mRNA purification workflow

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Dynabeads mRNA production solutions and quality requirements*

Our proprietary magnetic bead technology, experience, and capabilities help to accelerate the commercialization of mRNA vaccines and therapeutics by streamlining the development and manufacturing process, from prototype batches to bulk manufacture, enabling high bead performance and security of supply.

Dynabeads mRNA production solutions offer*:

  • Scalability—switch between manual and automated workflows to match the required scale (µg to g quantities of mRNA) and throughput
  • Reduced cost—minimized template consumption and DNA digestion; fewer process steps by built-in purification
  • Minimized footprint—enable modular manufacturing to cost-effectively match required scale (scale-up or scale-down)
  • Support—platform designed for optimal product quality and regulatory support, including published data and technical support for vaccine and therapeutic development and manufacturing
  • Quality—safe, flexible supply of magnetic beads for vaccine developers, from development to commercial manufacturing scale, without incurring extra time or costs from switching technology or raw materials

With 35+ years' experience in designing, developing, and manufacturing paramagnetic beads to internationally recognized quality standards, our Dynabeads specialists have collaborated with leading biotech, pharma, and healthcare companies provide optimized and validated Dynabeads under custom OEM supply arrangements.

By working with mRNA production solutions, drug developers and vaccine manufacturers gain access to unique solutions for mRNA synthesis and purification with optimized workflows and flexible supply of rigorously controlled high-quality products. The products are specifically designed for this purpose, enabling seamless and GMP-compliant scale-up of mRNA production—from pre-clinical and toxicology studies to process development and optimization to clinical and commercial manufacturing.

Invitrogen Dynabeads Streptavidin for In Vitro Transcription, Invitrogen Dynabeads Carboxylic Acid for RNA Purification, and Invitrogen Dynabeads RNA Binding Buffer are supported by a comprehensive quality system and documentation, including:

  • Manufactured under ISO 13485-certified Quality Management System; developed taking into account the requirements of the ISO 20399
  • Animal origin–free (AOF) manufacturing process/equipment and raw materials
  • Validated manufacturing processes and analytical methods
  • Product-specific stability data
  • Impurity profile
  • Verified compendial test methods, where applicable
  • Manufactured in β-lactam–free facilities
  • Quality support documents available including CoA, COO, TSE/BSE statement, nitrosamine statement, melamine statement, etc.


Ordering information

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Dynabeads Streptavidin for In Vitro Transcription*
100 mL, 10 mg/mL Contact us
49011D10 mL, 10 mg/mL Contact us
Dynabeads Carboxylic Acid for RNA Purification*
100 mL, 10 mg/mL Contact us
49021D10 mL, 10 mg/mL Contact us
Dynabeads RNA Binding Buffer*
450 mL Contact us
49041D50 mLContact us

*For research use or further manufacturing. Not for diagnostic use or direct administration into humans or animals.