Producers of pharmaceuticals and biologics are challenged to become more efficient in discovering and developing candidate drugs while increasing manufacturing productivity and reducing costs. Advanced instrumental techniques and workflows can help to accelerate the development pipeline and optimize production processes. 

Thermo Fisher Scientific has innovative solutions at every stage of the bio/pharmaceutical process; from discovery through to production and QC. Our deep understanding of the challenges faced by producers of medicines allows us to forge partnerships that deliver next-generation drugs to market quicker.

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Application note

Antibody subunit analysis workflow on a quadrupole-Orbitrap mass spectrometer: from optimized sample preparation to data analysis

This application note discusses the importance of proper sample preparation for mAb subunit analysis and to provide optimized LC/MS conditions to achieve conclusive information on the mass of the subunits as well as for performing middle-down analysis for sequence confirmation.

White paper

Characterizing Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies

Accounting for the inherent heterogeneity of monoclonal antibodies is essential to ensure production of consistent and safe therapeutics and, in light of this, there is an array of chromatographic and supporting regulatory systems.

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NEW! Virtual Biopharmaceutical Analytical Laboratory

Discover our range of products and workflows dedicated to biotherapeutic characterization. From discovery to lot testing, and from aggregate analysis to peptide mapping, we have the solutions you need.


A Practical Guide to Improving Pharmaceutical and Biotech Manufacturing Processes and Production Methods.

This eBook offers guidance and best practices for the issues that concern the pharma and biotech manufacturing industry the most.

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Pre-Clinical and Clinical Drug Testing Information

In pharmacokinetic studies, bioanalysis method validation is crucial to minimizing random error and systematic bias, which ensures quality of analytical results. Bioanalytical method validation is a controlled procedure that comprises all the vital steps to establish that a certain method is capable of producing accurate, dependable and reproducible results that are appropriate for a specific analytical application.

Pharmaceutical QA/QC Information

Modern advances in pharmacology have resulted in increased life expectancy and reduced suffering of patients fighting disease. It is the frail and vulnerable that have come to rely on modern medicines. Consequently, it is paramount that prescribed drugs have the desired therapeutic efficacy, without fear of harmful side effects from impurities. For healthcare systems to provide quality care, prescription medicines must meet regulatory quality assurance standards.

Pharmaceutical Data Management Information

Regulatory inspections of pharmaceutical companies are increasing. Integrated informatics solutions allow you to provide evidence that your GMP processes are validated, that you are using appropriate resources, and that your analytical data are accurate, complete, and consistent. You can be sure that you have full data integrity, processes are managed according to 21 CFR part 11 requirements, and that your audit checklist will satisfy the inspectors.