Broughton Laboratories Collaboration Information

A partnership for delivering analytical services

Broughton Laboratories is a GMP compliant contract laboratory based in North Yorkshire, UK, inspected by both the MHRA and FDA. They provide a range of analytical, scientific and regulatory services to the pharmaceutical and nicotine industries. Since 2006, the aims of our partnership with Thermo Fisher Scientific are:

  • Optimize laboratory efficiency through automation
  • Delivery of method development and validation
  • Supporting supply chain demands through quality control and batch release testing
  • Providing compliant, accurate and reliable data for regulatory submissions
  • Stability storage and testing services to assess product shelf-life
  • Support to early drug development

Delivering client success through unique and pre-emptive service –
a global analytical GMP business perspective

Delivering client success through unique and pre-emptive service – A global analytical GMP business perspective
"We’ve always been driven by the client, adapting our services to what is required immediately and also in the future. Helping end users to obtain affordable medicines is a big driver."

Paul Moran, Founder and CEO

Learn more about Broughton Laboratories and how strategic partnerships deliver competitive advantages.

  • Delivering for pharma, animal health, medical device and electronic nicotine delivery system industries
  • From product and method development, testing and validation, stability studies, through to consulting

Method transfers with UHPLC

Vanquish Flex Binary UHPLC System

Broughton Laboratories began work with the new Vanquish Flex – Thermo Fisher Scientific's latest UHPLC instrument. With pressure capabilities of over 1000 bar, this equipment is a dream for any analyst performing routine HPLC work. When put through its Performance Qualification (PQ) tests, %RSD values of >0.1% were achieved for peak areas. This instrument – clearly accurate and precise enough – had endless possibilities for use at Broughton Laboratories.

All (computerized) systems Go!

Upgrading a Chromatography Data System (CDS) can be challenging when it is an integral part of your business. Find out how Broughton Laboratories stays at the forefront of technology, and also work with a paperless CDS to deliver complete assurance throughout the data lifecycle, ensuring complete data integrity.

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