Integrated radiation monitoring systems

Protect personnel and critical infrastructure

Optimize efficiency by integrating personnel, area, and environmental radiation monitoring systems into one solution. The Thermo Scientific ViewPoint Enterprise Remote Monitoring System is a multifaceted tool set that integrates a variety of environmental and industrial process radiation monitoring instruments. It provides real-time monitoring during normal and outage operations at critical infrastructure such as nuclear power plants or for applications such as radiological hotspot identification, environmental contamination detection, or routine security surveillance.

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Featured integrated radiation monitoring products

Optimize safety with highly-sensitive area monitors that detect and identify radiation on location or remotely. Portable radiation monitoring equipment can be positioned at potentially dangerous locations to alert nearby personnel. Fixed units provide remote environmental dose rate and nuclide identification for nuclear power, environmental, and emergency planning applications.

Provide survey teams with an effective tool to address orphaned sources, radiation contamination, and sources for malicious intent. The Thermo Scientific PackEye Radiation Detection Backpack rapidly detects and locates gamma and neutron radioactive sources with He-3 free neutron detector technology.

Protect first responders, critical infrastructure, and the public with a customizable system that centrally processes and analyzes data from radiation, environmental, and general purpose radiation monitoring instruments and detectors. Our ViewPoint remote monitoring system gives a complete picture of radiation levels during normal and outage operations at nuclear power plants, industrial settings, or security checkpoints.

Enhance your ViewPoint system with a comprehensive suite of hardware and software solutions including the Thermo Scientific CNET 3000 Reachback Communications System, the Thermo Scientific ViewPoint Web Mapping Client, and the Thermo Scientific VP-SaT ViewPoint Standalone Terminal.

Quickly identify threats from radioactive materials with real-time, mobile, sensitive radiation detection and surveying. The Thermo Scientific Matrix Mobile ARIS Detection System can be mounted into an SUV, boat, or other vehicle and leverages the power of patented Natural Background Rejection (NBR) technology and the proprietary ARIS Advanced Radioisotope Identification System with Thermo Scientific ViewPoint Enterprise software.

Protect your your facilities, personnel, and the public with fast detection of radioactive sources using a real-time radiation threat detection network. The Thermo Scientific Matrix MRDS system incorporates Thermo Scientific Natural Background Rejection (NBR) technology, which quickly distinguishes between natural radiation and artificial sources using an intelligent self-calibrating process.

Minimize the threat of radioactive material in the scrap metal stream with a wireless radiation detection and monitoring system designed for grapple installation. The Thermo Scientific RadEye GR Grapple Monitoring System is designed to be installed on a grapple to monitor scrap metal while it is still in the scrap pile under the grapple.

Extend the application range to convenient and cost-effective gamma and neutron area monitoring with the wall-mounted Thermo Scientific RadEye Area Monitor. In case of exceeding a preset threshold, the system sets off an audible/optical alarm, and the RadEye can be immediately used as a portable radiation monitoring instrument.

Detect nuclear threats at ports of entry before they can become hazardous to people and property with a mobile radiation detection system for maritime applications. 

Achieve simple and rapid area monitoring with the turnkey, drop-and-go Thermo Scientific Area Monitoring Package for nuclear power plants.

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Featured FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Radiation Detection

Radiation can be found almost anywhere. Is it always a threat to public health and safety? How can it be monitored?  What tools do I need to detect it?  Are you trying to scare us?  Get the answers to these and other questions on our Frequently Asked Questions about Radiation Detectionpage.


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