The detection and analysis of hidden radioactive nuclides requires radiation identification instruments with high sensitivity and accuracy. The expense, weight, and complexity of this equipment prevents many safety and security teams from having the right tools to manage a dangerous radiation scenario.

The new Thermo Scientific™ RadEye™ SPRD Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detector makes radiation identification accessible and affordable. The palm-sized, RadEye SPRD detector is a high-performance radiation monitor designed to expose, locate, and identify radioactive nuclides such as orphaned or hidden sources. Like the trusted Thermo Scientific RadEye PRD Personal Radiation Detector, the RadEye SPRD detector is intuitive, rugged, and operates 170 hours on standard AAA batteries. This combination makes it the perfect solution in unpredictable and challenging scenarios. With a $3,950 list price, the RadEye SPRD is an affordable way to put radiation identification in the hands of the entire team.

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The RadEye SPRD offers:
  • An expansive library of radionuclides, including medical-, industrial-, and special nuclear-class materials, which can identify substances in the field and provide actionable intelligence to response authorities and other organizations
  • The same industry-proven, rugged, and portable design as its RadEye predecessors, which simplifies adoption for teams with previous experience
  • A significantly-reduced cost compared to other nuclide identifiers in the market, increasing the availability of this technology
  • Sophisticated algorithms that allow the instrument to automatically distinguish between natural background radiation, radiation coming from benign sources (such as an individual who has undergone a radiological medical treatment), and potentially dangerous radionuclides of interest