Our integrated analytical instruments help safety and security professionals keep the public, and themselves, safe

When it comes to the detection and identification of radioactive materials, chemicals, or explosive threats, ensuring that on-site teams are properly equipped requires a strategic approach.  Thermo Scientific safety and security products have been developed to support the specialized missions and requirements of public and governmental agencies.

Solutions for military

The military and CBRNE defense teams are subjected to extreme threats, whether they be toxic materials, bombs, chemical threats, or radiological events. Rapid identification of explosives, chemical weapons and agents, and radiation can be a matter of life and death for occupants of the target area. Making matters more complex, military personnel often carry upwards of 100 lbs (45kg) of gear into the field. When missions can last days, or even weeks, every ounce counts. Thermo Scientific radiation and chemical threat detection equipment is compact and rugged, minimizing equipment load and reducing time on target.

Solutions for government agencies

Many government agencies are responsible for public safety and well-being. Homeland security forces are always on the alert for radiological threats and chemical attacks. Border patrol and customs agents face the daunting challenge of deterring dangerous substances such as illegal narcotics, new synthetic drugs, potential chemical weapons, and explosives, from entering the country while facilitating commerce and safe travel.  We offer advanced detection instruments to help protect these agents while they accomplish their missions. These include radiation detection and monitoring instruments, chemical and explosives analyzers that enable immediate identification in the field, and an effective narcotics analyzer for positive identification of numerous illegal substances.

Solutions for law enforcement

Officers often don’t know what they’re walking into or if their lives are at risk. Is that puddle of liquid a toxic spill from illegal dumping, or just water? Is that box emitting harmful radiation? Does that bag of white powder contain fentanyl? When dealing with unknown substances, real-time tools that can help clarify the situation and determine an appropriate course of action are critical to law enforcement and police officer safety. Thermo Fisher Scientific offers a broad range of capabilities, including multiple device types and technologies, to protect first responders and the public.

Solutions for firefighters

As the first responders to an emergency, firefighters may be walking into an unknown chemical or radiological hazard. These threats to firefighter safety can range from flammable and explosive materials to toxic industrial chemicals that may be precursors for narcotics, explosives or chemical agents. Unsecured radioactive sources can lead to catastrophic scenarios for emergency response teams and can have devastating, long-term implications for the surrounding community. Thermo Scientific radiation detection, measurement, and chemical identification instruments support firefighters and first responders by helping them to avoid delays between observation and action that could cause harm to themselves and the public.