Emergency radiation protection for firefighteres with portable radiation detectors

Quickly and reliably screen for radiation contamination

Firefighters operate in radiation emergencies where they must not only secure the area but protect themselves. We offer emergency radiation protection for firefighters with a line of pager-sized, portable radiation detectors that are easy to carry wherever there is contamination or if monitoring is needed. They can be can be customized to match a wide variety of applications to detect and identify orphaned, unknown, and hidden radioactive threats.

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Radiation protection products for firefighters

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Radiological material is used throughout the world for medical and industrial purposes. It plays a vital role in the treatment of patients inside a hospital, but the effects of radiological material ending up in the hands of terrorists could be devastating. Radiation detectors need to become standard protocol in places where radiological material can be easily accessed.

Read this article from Homeland Security Today about radiological risks at hospitals and medical facilities.

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Handheld, portable radiation detection instruments for emergency radiation protection