Portable narcotics identification equipment for CBP and government agencies

Fight drug trafficking with latest testing methods

The illegal drug trade is a worldwide issue. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) organizations charged with stopping narcotics, new synthetic drugs, and other illicit substances from crossing our borders need narcotics identification tools that provide immediate analysis at the port of entry. Raman spectroscopy is becoming the technology of choice for this application because it provides highly accurate results directly at the scene, enabling officers, customs agents, border control, and other personnel to scan more than 450 suspected illicit substances in a single, definitive test.

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Narcotics, synthetics and cutting agent identification categories

This document provides background on Raman spectroscopy’s solid technical foundation and a brief introduction to a new handheld Raman instrument for narcotics identification. Bringing narcotics identification from the lab to the field will help enable faster prosecution while reducing costs.

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