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Today, we see a struggle to safely and rapidly analyze suspected harmful or illegal chemicals, whether it be in the lab or the field. The Thermo Scientific 1064Defender Raman analyzer is a handheld Raman device that identifies several substances including narcotics, synthetic drugs, cutting agents, and precursor chemicals in a single test, with touchless, point-and-shoot scanning.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers about the 1064Defender Raman analyzer.

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Very—the 1064Defender’s user-added library enables customers from around the globe to customize the instrument’s spectral library to their unique environment.
Yes. Possessing multiple levels of user access and individual user log-ins, 1064Defender allows any operator, manager, or administrator to get the most out of the device based on their experience level.

Absolutely. The instrument is MIL-STD-810H-certified for heat, cold, shock, and drop. It is also IP68-rated for sand, dust, and water resistance.

Without question—the device possesses a modular library capability which is tailorable to an individual’s specific needs.
Moments, on average less than 90 seconds.

Raman spectroscopy has a proven track record as an analytical technique. The 1064Defender can be used as a presumptive test for use with search warrants, probable cause, preliminary hearings and felony arraignment. If a case goes to trial, confirmatory testing from the lab is required.

Raman spectroscopy, specifically 1064 nm, the benefits of which are the suppression of background fluorescence common in many chemicals.

Yes, our instrument is capable of identifying chemicals through clear and opaque containers, preventing unwanted exposure.

By stopping the endless flow of consumables, 1064Defender provides detailed and specific results which are considered presumptive by customs and law enforcement globally.
The unique characteristics of the 1064 nm optical engine make the instrument preeminent in the touchless identification of unknown chemicals which contain high levels of background fluorescence.

Thermo Scientific portable chemical analyzers deliver rapid, field-based identification of unknown chemicals, explosives, and chemical weapons, as well as narcotics. These rugged, fit-for-purpose instruments bring the power of Raman spectroscopy directly to the point of need where quick delivery of actionable data is needed most.

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1064Defender Raman analyzer
Definitive answers. Maximum flexibility.

The Thermo Scientific 1064Defender Raman analyzer meets your chemical identification needs by tailoring itself while providing definitive results for confident and efficient decision making.

  • Adaptable and expandable library—modular and configurable libraries for every circumstance or function
  • Clear and intuitive interface—identify potentially lethal chemicals with confidence and certainty
  • Touchless, point-and-shoot scanning—maximize the safety of operators by limiting exposure to hazardous chemicals