1064Defender Product Support Agreements

Fast, reliable support for your 1064Defender system

Regular maintenance of your system’s hardware and software components ensures optimized performance. Investing in a product support agreement can provide you with not only coverage for all repairs, but it can also ensure your software is always up to date and you have consistent access to our exclusive reachback support as well as our extensive online training library.

With these comprehensive support options, your team will be more efficient and obtain better results from your instrument. We designed our Product Support Agreements (PSAs) to provide a wide range options in order to best accommodate every need and budget.

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Compare the features:

All repairs (labor & parts)

Return shipping for repairs

Loaner unit

Reachback support

Up to 25 online training videos

Software updates and upgrades

Library updates

50% off library expansions


Learn more about what’s involved with each agreement:

Basic Product Support Agreement
The Basic Product Support Agreement is designed to eliminate the unnecessary hassles and delays associated with internal approvals and the time needed to issue purchase orders.

  • All repair costs are included
  • Return shipping included

Advanced Product Support Agreement
The Advanced Product Support Agreement brings in a unique blend of hardware and additional value-added services.

  • All labor, parts, and return shipping costs associated with repairs are covered
  • Experience hardly any downtime with a loaner unit during repair events
  • Gain exclusive access to reachback support, and the library of online videos provide additional value

Premium Product Support Agreement
The Premium Product Support Agreement delivers by far the highest level of value.

  • Experience the lowest amount of system downtime with bumper to bumper coverage for all repairs and access to a loaner unit
  • Enjoy exclusive value-added services such as reachback support and an extensive online training library
  • Have access to all system software as well as library updates
  • Take advantage of a generous discount on all library upgrades