Mixing, compounding & processing materials

Streamline your material development

Extruders and torque rheometers are standard tools for mixing, compounding and processing materials in industries such as polymer, pharmaceutical, and food production. Our line of flexible laboratory extruders can help you drive efficiencies now and in the future!

Thermo Scientific HAAKE extruders and compounders are small, modular instruments that can make a big impact on your bottom line and increase return on investment. Our laboratory scale compounding tools can make a difference in your material R&D.

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Featured instruments for compounding solutions for material development
Process 11 Twin-Screw Compounder
Process 16 Twin-Screw Extruder
TSE 24 Twin-screw Compounder

Featured analysis categories for compounding solutions for material development

What is the best extruder type for my application? What screw design is best for the desired product properties? A structured approach helps to set up a compounding process that is stable, efficient and yields the desired end product. 

The ever-growing variety of special materials based on polymers poses challenges in the compounding process. Equipment type and set-up significantly affect end-product quality in compounding applications. 

Achieve reliable scale-up, reduced time to market, and controlled, continuous processing with our wide range of reliable, flexible compounders and extruders for material development.

Rheology has proven to be an excellent tool to analyze the mechanical properties of polymers in solid or molten states. It’s essential for optimizing formulations and blends, and adapting processes.

Unleash new potential with microcompounding

With the Process 11 Extruder you can run your design of experiment with as little as 20 grams of material and ensure production-related development of e.g. 3D filaments, sheets, fiber spinning or nanomaterials.

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Process 11 twin-screw extruder

Save time and minimize materials usage in polymer and food applications

Looking to improve efficiency in your research? We can help you to substantially increase your return on investment! Optimize your time and budget with the Thermo Scientific Process 11 Parallel Twin-screw Extruder. 

Learn how twin-screw extrusion can help you deliver results faster, and see how the Process 11, in particular, can drive further efficiencies in your lab.

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