Pathfinder X-ray Microanalysis Software
Change the way you use X-ray microanalysis
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Enhance your electron microscope imagery with Thermo Scientific Pathfinder X-ray Microanalysis Software, the first phase-based tool for SEM/EDS and SEM/WDS that immediately shows you the chemical composition of your sample.

Most EDS companies stress how fast and how many X-rays their systems can collect. The larger the detector, they say, the better the data. We challenge that assumption. What is truly important is how collecting those X-ray gets you to the right answer in shortest amount of time.

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Pathfinder - Basecamp


This level establishes the foundation of your analytical work. Basecamp compiles the both the latest and most time-tested X-ray processing routines available, such as automatic peak identification and quantification, plus advanced algorithms that sharpen your data for accuracy and speed. All the data you acquire is automatically loaded into a Spectral Imaging database—the foundation of your analytical work.



This level introduces advanced analytical techniques including drift compensation and quantitative elemental mapping and spectral match. Alpine gives you an accurate quantitative analysis at pixel in the Spectral Imaging acquisition. Pathfinder software calculates these maps live time, eliminating the need to acquire data for a fixed period of time. Once Pathfinder develops its answer, usually in under a minute, your acquisition is done.

Pathfinder - Mountaineer


No other EDS system is capable of reaching the levels that Mountaineer brings, thanks to our proprietary principal component analysis (PCA) algorithm called COMPASS. Using Spectral Imaging data as input COMPASS draws out the each statistically unique phase in your sample. Since materials don’t exist simply as clusters of elements, but rather in compositional phases, this is a far more useful analytical method. COMPASS runs on X-rays and statistics alone, which means you get the same answer every time.

Pathfinder - Pinnacle


Pinnacle is the ultimate level of EDS/WDS analysis in the electron microscope. The introduction of 29 unique X-ray imaging filters for smoothing, edge-finding, sharpening and erosion/dilation enhances image quality, effectively compensates for low x-ray collection maps. Nothing in the data actually changes, instead Pinnacle draws the eye to key features on interest. Pinnacle also includes Analysis Automation to assist routine analysis or collection of every large area maps.

Introducing Pathfinder Webinar Series

We present a series of four webinars, starting with an introduction to the software, then covering EDS Mapping and Chemical Imaging, and finally using WDS with Pathfinder software. Requires registration.

All About EDS Mapping with Pathfinder (40 minutes)

Extreme Element Mapping and Chemical Imaging (55 minutes)

WDS Speed to Results (35 minutes)

Pathfinder webinar series