Fluorometers for small sample volume fluorometric quantitation

Instruments for fluorometric quantitation

Sensitivity and specificity are two good reasons to use fluorometers to quantify, detect and monitor analytes and their reactions in the lab. These instruments measure the intensity of the fluorescent signal from dyes attached to biological molecules as well as naturally fluorescent molecules based on signature excitation (Ex) and emission (Em) wavelengths. Our fluorometers help to simplify fluorescence analysis while conserving precious sample and time.

Fluorometers can select these wavelengths in two ways: 

  1. Using specific wavelength Ex/Em optical filter sets (fluorometer) or
  2. Using a grating monochromator (fluorospectrometer) to select the excitation wavelength and scan the spectrum to record emission intensity versus wavelength.

Featured fluorometer instrument systems

Qubit 4 Fluorometer

The Invitrogen Qubit 4 Fluorometer is a cutting-edge benchtop device that accurately measures DNA, RNA, and protein using the highly sensitive Qubit quantitation assays. In conjunction with state-of the-art, highly optimized algorithms and a seamless user interface, the Qubit 4 Fluorometer employs fluorescent dyes that only produce signal when bound to the target of interest, thereby minimizing the effects of contaminants— including degraded DNA or RNA—on your results.

NanoDrop 3300 Fluorospectrometer

Thermo Scientific NanoDrop 3300 fluorospectrometer uses a pedestal sample-retention system to perform broad-spectrum fluorescence analysis using only 1–2 µL of sample. With UV, blue and white LED excitation, the NanoDrop 3300 instrument measures a diverse set of  fluorophores such as RiboGreen, PicoGreen, GFP,  Hoechst, Quantum dots, OPA, Alexa Fluor dyes, and many more.

No need to use cuvettes, change filter sets, or wait for the instrument to warm up. The NanoDrop 3300 software includes preprogrammed methods for measuring common fluorophores as well as a Methods Editor for custom methods.

Other categories related to fluorometry and fluorescence

Microplate readers

Simplified detection and analysis, even for challenging assays. Our dedicated and multimode readers provide flexibility, performance and ease-of-use for a variety of assays. Whether you need to measure photometry, fluorometry, luminometry, time-resolved fluorescence or AphaScreen, we offer a microplate reader solution for your lab.

photo of the Countess II FL Automated Cell Counter

Cell analysis instruments

Analyzing cells for basic research, drug discovery or process development requires the right combination of instruments and reagents with the expertise and support of a global leader.  From basic Cell Counting to High Content Screening and Flow Cytometry , we offer these instruments with reagents that are among the most peer-referenced in all of life science research.  Use them to make the discoveries that advance our understanding today and catalyze the research goals of tomorrow.

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FTIR spectrometers for quality control

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