Innovative and versatile FTIR spectroscopy software and libraries

Thermo Scientific software and library offerings are designed to help you streamline your analysis, enhance your collaboration, and identify your samples more effectively from data collection to final reporting. Our innovative and versatile Thermo Scientific OMNIC Software is a leader in the market and has paved the way for the current, database-driven, 64-bit OMNIC Paradigm Software package. Both OMNIC and OMNIC Paradigm control the instruments, provide diagnostic tools, and contain a huge array of analysis tools from simple baseline correction to advanced features like multi-component search and contaminant analysis.

OMNIC Paradigm spectroscopy software for spectral processing, visualization, and analysis

Streamline material analysis with OMNIC Paradigm Software. The user-friendly dashboard screen helps you review your recent work, process your measurements, conduct multi-component searching (mixture analysis), and create new libraries. Designed with lab managers and science educators in mind, this software helps automate workflows using an intuitive drag-and-drop workflow creator. The database structure provides the ultimate in data security. OMNIC Paradigm Software for desktop and touchscreen is an advanced software package for FTIR spectroscopy, designed to simplify how you acquire, process, and interpret data, and to help you work remotely and collaborate with colleagues around the globe.


Take your analysis further, faster with the next-generation OMNIC Paradigm Desktop Software. Process spectra, generate custom workflows, create libraries, and more in an intuitive, modern software interface.


  • Dashboard/Home screen for quick access to recent work
  • Visual, drag-and-drop workflow creator with example templates
  • Flexible, one-click library creation
  • Pre-defined reporting templates exportable to Microsoft® Office Suite™
  • Multi-component search and Contaminant analysis functionality
  • Full spectral processing and analysis tools (baseline correction, spectra math, peak area, reprocessing, peak height, data smoothing etc.)
  • Quantification prediction for Beer’s Law, PLS, CLS, and more
  • Analysis using MAP files

For more details about what's new in the current version, please see the release details.

Visit OMNIC Paradigm Knowledge Base for topics including how to install OMNIC Paradigm, connect a spectrometer, measure a sample, view a sample, identify an unknown sample with transmission, and more.

OMNIC Anywhere spectroscopy software for cloud-enabled analysis

Thermo Scientific OMNIC Anywhere is a cloud-enabled spectroscopic analysis software with spectral searching capabilities across infrared and Raman spectral libraries. It is designed to improve your online spectroscopic data analysis power and strengthen your collaborations.

How can cloud-enabled FTIR spectrometers enhance your collaborations?

Export, view and share data. View your Nicolet .spa spectral files, label spectra peaks, and correct spectra baseline all in the OMNIC Anywhere App on your PC, Apple computer, Android, or iOS device.


Add more storage space. Start with 10 GB of storage for free, and then scale up storage as needed for a nominal fee. You can store OMNIC Paradigm .spa files as well as other files (e.g., report documents, .xls, etc.) on your Connect account.


Secure your data. Connect uses Amazon Web Service™, the industry-leading security and data protection cloud-computing platform – so no lost or stolen data

Why share your FTIR data with OMNIC Anywhere?

If you are a teacher, your students can take their FTIR measurements in the lab, upload data to your/their free Connect account, view their spectra later online from their dorm rooms, then analyze and share their report file with you via your Connect account.


If you are a scientist, you can share your FTIR data with colleagues around the globe anytime, anywhere to accelerate your research or share and compare QA results and more. Now your colleagues can comment on your results on any device (tablets or computers) enabled with Connect.

Get started with OMNIC Anywhere

Follow the steps below to start using OMNIC Anywhere:

  1. Go to this link to sign up for a account
  2. Add your name, email, and password
  3. Click on the Create account button
  4. Once your account is created, sign in here

Learn more about signing up and using OMNIC Anywhere with our Quick Start Guide.

FTIR spectra analysis

Spectral library searching has long been an extraordinarily valuable tool in the analytical chemist's toolbox. Thermo Scientific’s extensive series of spectral libraries includes information specific to application, industry, or spectral technique. When selecting libraries, it is important to pick libraries based on mode of analysis and resolution. The libraries span applications for hazmat, forensics, food, polymers, organic and inorganic chemistry, and microplastics.

Spectral library searching based on digital matching of spectral signatures is a highly effective way of performing qualitative identification of compounds. Because FTIR and Raman spectroscopic signatures are based on molecular functional groups, even if the exact compound is not present in the libraries, the list of matching compounds from a spectral library search can often lead to classification or identification of the material.