NIRS: A practical alternative to traditional wet lab testing methods

Near-Infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) has been widely deployed in the pharmaceutical industry as a practical alternative to time-consuming, solvent intensive, wet-testing methods and liquid chromatography techniques. The ability of NIRS to test materials quickly as-received or in their production state allows routine analyses to be carried out at the line, rather than in the lab.

Use NIRS to monitor biopharma or solid-dose pharma production in real-time to help control product quality and  your continuous process.

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NIRS offers the following advantages over traditional techniques:

  • No sample preparation - sampling can be done through glass and other packaging materials
  • Non-destructive measurement
  • Accurate, reliable analysis
  • Reduced cost
  • Increased sample throughput
  • Remote sampling with low-cost fiber optics

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Featured NIR analyzers for pharmaceutical applications

Streamline your analysis with these NIR products

The Thermo Scientific™ Antaris™ II FT-NIR Analyzer sets an industry standard, providing laboratory-based FT-NIR performance in a ready-for-plant package. No matter what the sample, the Antaris II NIR analyzer provides robust, reliable data collection for at-line, on-line and in-line analysis. Customize an Antaris II for specific applications or choose the Antaris II MDS Method Development Sampling System, which includes transmission, fiber-optic and integrating sphere diffuse reflection analysis all in one turnkey system.

The Antaris II analyzer provides:

  • High performance combined with rugged design
  • Reproducible regardless of configuration, maintenance, user or environment
  • System-to-systems repeatability for method transfer
  • Easy software set up via dedicated validation and application programs
  • A regulatory and validation-ready instrument
  • Complete worldwide support programs
  • Low cost of ownership.

The Thermo Scientific™ Antaris™ MX FT-NIR process analyzer offers optimized QC testing and remote process monitoring using fiber optic simultaneous multiplexing technology and integrated communication for real-time feedback. The Antaris MX is a complete, fit-for-purpose solution for point-of-use materials analysis and online process monitoring applications. The Antaris MX is the only near-infrared analyzer featuring truly simultaneous measurements of up to four points. The analyzer is also simultaneously self-referenced at every data collection, so stability is unequalled and background collection or qualification does not require removing the probe from the process stream.

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