Designed with flexibility in mind for a variety of applications

Solving analytical challenges across multiple applications requires bringing the right tools to the job. The cumulative years of reliable spectroscopic technology from Thermo Fisher Scientific have been combined with the knowledge of experts and everyday users in industry to produce a range of NIR analyzers. These fit-for-purpose analyzers support our customers as they strive to achieve quality by design for their products — whether on production lines, factory floors, loading docks or in warehouses.


To help determine if NIR is a desirable choice for your application, the application list below has many examples in different industries resulting from the efforts of our NIR experts working with customers through the years.


Learn more about the benefits of near-infrared testing to:

  • Determine the quality of incoming ingredients
  • Monitor and control your process to maximize production and profitability
  • Ensure your products meet final product specifications
  • Rapidly analyze multiple components simultaneously without chemicals or disposable costs
  • Save, time, money, and analytical resource

FT-NIR spectroscopy in food analysis

FT-near-infrared (FT-NIR) is an ideal technology for quality monitoring of agricultural products throughout the value chain, from raw material ID and grading, processing monitoring, to final product QA. Analyzing food, feed, or beverages? Learn how the Thermo Scientific Antaris II FT-NIR Analyzer helps ensure product quality from beginning to end.


Some specific applications include:


  • Liquids can be measured more quickly by NIR than by primary method for moisture, protein, fat, free fatty acids, ethanol, density, solids, organic acids, carbohydrate profile, and other important constituents
  • Sample prep is eliminated, and results are produced within a minute
  • Effective tool for measuring key parameters in alcoholic beverages, liquid sweeteners, edible oils, fruit juices, coffee, tea, soft drinks, and nutritional formulas


  • Quickly and accurately measures fat, moisture, protein, lactose, casein, total solids, and other important constituents
  • A particular application that has shown great success is fat and dry matter analysis of cheese for process control
  • Examples of dairy products analyzed are milk, butter, casein, cheese, cream cheese, yogurt, baby formula, dried milk, and whey powders

Baking products

  • Generate key quality results for protein, moisture, oil, particle size, ash, color, starch damage, and water absorption
  • Analyze ingredients, process, and final product samples
  • Examples of samples that can be analyzed are flour, bread, biscuit, cake mixes, breakfast cereals, pasta, snack foods, dough, additives, and nutrient premixes

Near-infrared spectroscopy in pharmaceutical analysis

Use NIR to support continuous or batch manufacturing and deliver high-quality products with analytical workflows that meet all compliance needs.

Final product quality assurance in QC lab

Apply non-destructive techniques to meet high-throughput demands.


Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and process

Leverage PAT to minimize the risk and reduce costs to your organization.



Benefit from the flexibility of sampling methods for both upstream and downstream online analysis demand in bioprocessing.

Pharma problems solved by NIR



NIR Solution

Analyze powders and liquids directly. My tablets do not appear uniformly coated and my API content variability is larger than expected. How can I verify my tablet and API uniformity without extensive, time-consuming testing?

Use the Antaris II NIR Spectrometer with tablet autosampler to perform simultaneous reflection and transmission spectroscopy to assess tablet coating consistency (reflection) and quantify API content uniformity (transmission). This non-destructive technique allows further analysis of the tablets to find the root cause of tablet inconsistency.

During storage my lyophilized materials is changing color. How can I quickly find out what’s wrong?

Use the Antaris II NIR Spectrometer with integrating sphere to measure the material directly through the glass container. This approach lets you determine moisture, potency, identity, purity and stability without opening the sealed containers. Stability testing through packaging materials becomes quick and easy.

My batch manufacturing is showing variability in the intermediate product. How can you minimize this variability?

Use the Antaris MX NIR Analyzer as a continuous in-line check at multiple points in your process to perform analytics in real time. This allows you to quickly adjust process parameters to maximize product yield and consistency, reducing the risk of batch rejection.

My hot-melt extrusion (HME) drug formulation API is consistently within my acceptance limits. How can I ensure API uniformity before I end up with a bad batch?

Use the Antaris MX NIR Analyzer with fiber optic probe connected to the exit die of the extruder to continuously measure API and other ingredient levels. This approach ensures product consistency and prevents waste of your high-value materials.

Support for regulatory compliance 

Complete System Qualification
✓ Comprehensive vendor package
✓  Factory traceability
✓ Certified service technicians

System Validation
✓ End-to-end validation
✓ Complete documentation

21 CFR Part 11 Tools
✓ E-record management
✓ E-signature management
✓ Data Security and audit trails

Operator Training
✓ Technique & application
✓ Understanding of SOPs
✓ Complete training records

Why choose our FT-NIR analyzers for pharmaceutical analysis?

Near-infrared spectroscopy in chemical and polymer analysis

Do more with less: in the QC lab or on production floor, utilize the Antaris series of FT-NIR analyzers to increase efficiency, reduce waste, and ensure product quality.


Polymer characterization

Characterize your polymers without the need for sample preparation and hazard chemicals.


Analysis of biofuels

The ability of NIR to sample in-, on- or at-line allows your facility to set up ideal monitoring protocols for your process.

Unlock the power of FT-NIR in semiconductor manufacturing

FT-NIR provides unparalleled efficiency and precision in monitoring wet chemical processes during semiconductor manufacturing, such as etching and cleaning. FT-NIR can be used to obtain chemical mixture formulation, determine the endpoint or quality during usage, and observe formulation after spiking or replenishing chemicals. Typical applications include:


  • Concentration and moisture control of cleaning liquids
  • Control of trace moisture in photoresists
  • Etching liquid concentration control
  • Stripping liquid concentration control and moisture control

With faster, more precise measurements, you will witness enhanced production processes, accelerated production cycles, streamlined quality control, and boosted overall yields – giving you a competitive edge in the market. Embrace the future of semiconductor manufacturing with our advanced near-infrared technology, and witness the transformative impact on your bottom line, as we propel you towards higher productivity, increased yield, and unrivaled product excellence.