Solve problems and reveal new information about your advanced materials

The proof is in the images. With the Thermo Scientific DXR3 family of Raman instruments, you can use Raman spectroscopy and microscopy to quickly create research-grade chemical images—giving you instant information on the chemical, structural, and elemental characteristics of your sample. These easy-to-use instruments bring advanced imaging capabilities such as particle analysis and 3D confocal imaging while improving stability and expanding laser and camera offerings. Raman requires minimal sample preparation—making it a top analytical technique for pharmaceutical, polymer, battery, energy, semiconductor, microplastics, and many other materials science applications.

Raman Spectroscopy, Microscopy and Imaging Q&A Booklet

The booklet aims to familiarize scientists across a broad range of disciplines with the fundamentals of modern Raman spectroscopy and microscopy in particular.

Raman microscope and spectrometer capabilities

Fast, intuitive workflows that accelerate productivity

Take advantage of Thermo Scientific research-grade Raman features—all designed with usability in mind. 

Reliable results without the need for Raman expertise

Get reliable Raman spectroscopy, microscopy, and imaging to advance your knowledge without mastering a new scientific technique.

Flexible support and service

Reduce downtime and keep your lab running smoothly with a Unity Lab Services service plans.

The ability to identify nearly every substance

Explore FTIR and other complementary techniques that can be coupled with Raman to better understand the full range of unknown materials.

Powerful software to meet your analysis needs

Quickly gather clear visual data with our Thermo Scientific OMNIC and OMNICxi molecular spectroscopy and analysis software—the brand spectroscopists rely on around the globe.

A wide range of applications

See how a wide range of today’s industries are using Raman to accelerate their molecular analyses.