Intelligent analysis eight samples at a time

NanoDrop Eight Spectrophotometer

The Thermo Scientific NanoDrop Eight Microvolume UV-Vis Spectrophotometer provides a unique combination of quantity assessment, quality assessment, and measurement speed.

  • Contaminant identification – Prevent costly delays with alerts of contaminants in your sample – identify phenol, protein, guidance HCl & isothiocyanate, and even differentiate mammalian DNA from RNA.
  • Enable compliance – Optional SciVault Software integrates into the NanoDrop Eight user interface to help manage privileges and audit logs from one software.
  • Ready to start – Software comes hard-coded with the most frequently used measurement applications including dsDNA, RNA, Protein A280, and UV-Vis. Constant software updates deliver greater capabilities to the lab.

Webinar: mRNA Vaccines: Development, Manufacturing, and How NanoDrop Eight Can Help

This webinar briefly discusses these workflows, provides history on mRNA vaccines, and proposes how the Thermo Scientific NanoDrop Eight Microvolume UV-Vis Spectrophotometer can aide researchers and production engineers in assessing nucleic acid concentration and purity while complying with 21 CFR Part 11 regulation.

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How it works

The Thermo Scientific Acclaro Sample Intelligence technology software that runs in the NanoDrop Eight instrument employs chemometric algorithms to process sample spectra and differentiate dsDNA absorbance from RNA absorbance.

When the software identifies a contaminant, it notifies users with a yellow “A” next to the sample. Clicking the yellow icon displays the original sample, the contaminant, and the corrected analyte spectra. A table reports the corrected concentration, so users know what contaminant is present and whether to use the sample in downstream experiments. Users can proceed with confidence in the rest of their analysis.

Optional SciVault software enables regulated labs to use the NanoDrop Eight Microvolume UV-Vis Spectrophotometer to quantify biological molecules.

The software offers a compliance package to help meet requirements for electronic records in Title 21 CFR Part 11 regulation from the US Food and Drug Administration. Here are a few highlights:

  • Streamline management – Integrates into NanoDrop Eight Software user interface
  • Comply with US FDA 21 CFR Part 11 – Control user account access, apply digital signatures, and review audit logs
  • Network multiple instruments – Install SciVault Software on a central computer to control privileges and view audit logs across multiple NanoDrop Eight Instruments in different labs
 NanoDrop Eight SpectrophotometerNanoDrop 8000 Spectrophotometer
Detection LimitsUp to 10,000 ng/µL dsDNAor 145 mg/mL IgG Up to 3,750 ng/µL dsDNA or 50 mg/mL IgG
Contaminant IdentificationBuilt-in Acclaro Software algorithmsNone
Data IntegrityOptional SciVault Software enables 21 CFR Part 11 complianceNone
Measurement Speed8 samples in ≤ 20 sec8 samples in 20 sec
Wavelength Range190 – 850 nm220 – 750 nm
LIMS ReadyYesNo

Sales of the NanoDrop 8000 Spectrophotometer are discontinued with the introduction of the next generation NanoDrop Eight Microvolume UV-Vis Spectrophotometer on September 22, 2021.

We are committed to servicing NanoDrop 8000 instruments globally through September 23, 2028; that includes software updates, parts, and service. For any questions regarding service or support, please contact or your local NanoDrop instruments distributor.

The NanoDrop Eight Spectrophotometer can take over the quantification and assessment of DNA, RNA, proteins and more in your lab with intelligent analysis eight samples at a time.

September 24, 2021September 23, 2028

Continued Service and Support
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End of Guaranteed Support (EOGS)
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• Service & support as available

For ordering options outside of the US and Canada, contact your local NanoDrop instruments distributor.