Validated UV-Vis Testing Solutions for Pharmaceuticals

UV-Visible spectroscopy is a well-established analytical technique used in the pharmaceutical industry for testing in research and quality control stages of drug development. Thermo Scientific Evolution UV-Vis Spectrophotometers provide highly accurate measurements in addition to meeting all USP and EP performance characteristics and enabling 21CFR Part 11 compliance.

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UV-Vis Spectroscopy in pharmaceutical testing

Specific use cases of UV-Vis in pharmaceutical development include:

  • Development of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs): From scanning experiments to stop-flow kinetics, UV-Vis is a common technique in early drug discovery and development.
  • Quantification of impurities: UV-Vis in commonly utilized in pharmaceutical monographs for quantifying impurities in drugs ingredients and drug products.
  • Dissolution testing: UV-Vis spectroscopy has long been the traditional method for analyzing the results of dissolution testing of solid oral dosage forms like tablets
  • Chemical identification and quantification: Utilize UV-Vis spectrophotometers to perform tests to confirm the chemical identity and quantify the purity of drugs and drug ingredients using procedures outlined in pharmaceutical monographs.
  • Quantification of nucleic acid and proteins: NanoDrop One Spectrophotometers help you quantify and qualify DNA, RNA, and protein samples in seconds with only 1-2 µL. Available Security Suite software integrates directly into the NanoDrop One PC Control Software making it easy for regulated labs to operate the trusted NanoDrop One/OneC Spectrophotometer. Learn more ›

Evolution Spectrophotometers – trusted by pharmaceutical labs

Researchers, QA/QC technicians, and educational laboratories have relied on the high-performance provided by Thermo Scientific UV-Visible Spectrophotometers.

Compare Evolution UV-Vis models and see how they meet pharmacopeia performance requirement in this free guide: Validated Systems for Pharmaceutical Environments.

UV-Visible pharmacopeia performance requirements

For UV-Visible spectrophotometers in regulated laboratories, performance verification at installation and at set intervals thereafter is needed. National pharmacopeias with international reach define specific performance levels for various criteria in the pharmaceutical industry.

Due to its superior specifications, the Evolution Pro UV-Vis Spectrophotometer will meet the performance needs for all global pharmacopeias including Japanese Pharmacopeia (JP), European Pharmacopeia (EP), and the United States Pharmacopeia (USP).

The Evolution One/One Plus series will also meet all requirements for EP and USP.

Access our Pharmaceutical Standards Guide for UV-Vis Instrumentation to learn more.