Metal applications for OES and XRF

Elemental analysis of metals

Perform rapid, accurate analysis of trace and alloying elements throughout production. Our OES metal analyzers can be used at different production stages in the metallurgical process to control finished and semi-finished metallic products, while XRF is used for analysis of raw materials, slags, alloys, and coatings. Analyzing with accuracy and precision from trace to percent element concentration levels, our highly reliable instruments fulfill all the analytical tasks required by steel and other metal industries.

Our optical emission spectrometers come with turn-key analytical solutions allowing fast determination of all the relevant elements in many metals and alloys, within one minute. Thermo Scientific energy-dispersive and compact wavelength-dispersive X-ray fluorescence models offer rapid, non-destructive elemental analysis of solids, liquids, and powders. Analysis quality and speed can be further enhanced with our robotics-based platform that fully automates sample preparation, sample transfer, and spectrometer operation.

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Optical emission spectrometers

ARL iSpark Series Optical Emission Spectrometer

The Thermo Scientific ARL iSpark Plus Optical Emission Spectrometer is a high-performance optical emission spectrometer, optimal for control analysis of metals in production. The instrument offers elemental analysis with high precision and accuracy at concentration levels from trace to percent on all the elements present in the sample. In addition, analysis of non-metallic micro-inclusions can be performed simultaneously with the elemental analysis, providing steel plants and other metal industries with a unique way to minimize quality issues and costs associated with the inclusions.

ARL easySpark Metal Analyzer

The Thermo Scientific ARL easySpark Metal Analyzer is a compact, benchtop optical emission spectrometer for the elemental analysis of iron and steel or other metals. The instrument is an affordable solution for quality and productivity improvements in any metallurgical operation in foundries, metal processors, and other metallurgical industries and laboratories. It allows quality control, sorting of incoming/outgoing materials, or in-process production control with wide element coverage.

XRF spectrometers

ARL 9900 Simultaneous-Sequential XRF Series

The Thermo Scientific ARL 9900 Simultaneous Sequential XRF Series offers exceptional elemental analysis features for metal production, with full simultaneous and sequential capabilities integrated into one instrument. Analysis of up to 32 elements within one minute drives cost savings and quality control. The system can be equipped with the innovative SmartGonio goniometer for simple, cost-effective configurations or the universal goniometer for more advanced, flexible analysis. Up to 24 monochromator fixed channels ensure rapid and simultaneous analysis of elements Be to Am in solids, fused beads or pressed powders. Typical analyzed materials range from slags, pig iron, ferro-alloys, low and high alloy steels, bronze, brass, copper alloys, aluminum alloys, and coatings on metal sheets. Its unique X-ray diffraction integrated system determines free lime in slags, Fe2+ in sinters, and control of direct reduced iron process (DRI).

ARL PERFORM'X Sequential X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer

The Thermo Scientific ARL PERFORM'X Sequential X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer for advanced materials characterization integrates bulk elemental analysis with mapping and small spot analysis to create a solution that evaluates up to 90 elements in nearly any solid or liquid sample. With the ARL PERFORM'X spectrometer, analysis of slags, pig iron, ferro-alloys, high alloy steels, bronze, brass, copper alloys, aluminum alloys, and coatings on metal sheets is achieved with excellent precision and limits of detection. It is recommended for major, minor, and trace elemental analysis.

ARL OPTIM'X WDXRF Spectrometer

Meet demanding materials analysis requirements with qualitative and quantitative characterization of all types of conductive and non-conductive samples. The Thermo Scientific ARL OPTIM'X WDXRF Spectrometer provides all the benefits of wavelength dispersive x-ray fluorescence (WDXRF), one of the most versatile methods for elemental analysis of solids and liquids. The system is available with a preconfigured package specifically suited for analysis in the slags industry. With the ARL OPTIM’X spectrometer, analysis of slags, pig iron, ferro-alloys, and coatings on metal sheets is achieved with good precision. 

ARL QUANT'X EDXRF Spectrometer

The Thermo Scientific ARL QUANT'X EDXRF Spectrometer provides minor and trace element quantification for mining ores, metallurgical slags, ferro alloys, and coatings on metal sheets. It offers the ultimate in performance, versatility, and reliability of elemental analysis. Its compact desktop design, close-coupled optics, and advanced electrically cooled detector allow for analytical precision in a wide dynamic range from ppm to percent elemental concentrations.

ARL SMS-2300 Robotics-Based Automation for OES or XRF

The Thermo Scientific ARL SMS-2300 system combined with an OES or XRF instrument is an automated quality control solution of choice to optimize your metal production operations. With the high performance ARL SMS-2300 system, even the most complex samples are prepared and analyzed under reproducible conditions without operator intervention, so that human variables and subjective factors are eliminated. The result is increased productivity, reliable results, and lower costs, with fast payback.

ARL SMS-3300 Automation for Single or Dual OES or XRF

Drive process control laboratory efficiencies with the Thermo Scientific ARL SMS-3300 for single or dual spectrometers. When combined with OES/OES or OES/XRF, the ARL SMS-3300 is a complete laboratory workflow automation solution. The automation of single or dual spectrometers and preparation machine with the ARL SMS-3300 system offers reduced sample analysis cost, increased sample throughput, better reproducibility, and higher quality results for users requiring more comprehensive and integrated automation solutions.

ARL SMS-3500 Automation for Dual OES or XRF

The Thermo Scientific ARL SMS-3500 for dual OES/OES or OES/XRF is a solution of choice for metals analysis laboratory workflow automation, allowing for the automated operation of dual spectrometers and sample preparation machines simultaneously.  The support of two preparation machines and two analyzers reduces response times and analysis costs, increases sample processing cadence and improves the availability of sample preparation in highly critical production control environments.  Eliminate the need for operation of duplicate systems and time consuming electro-mechanical transfer systems.

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Ultra-Fast Inclusion Analysis with ARL iSpark Metal OES Spectrometer

ARL iSpark OES Metals Analyzer performs inclusion analysis simultaneously with elemental analysis, enabling real-time control of inclusions for hundreds of samples analyzed every day in a steel production.

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