Steel Plant

Discover how the Thermo Scientific™ automatic analysis system assisted the production control laboratory at Sollac Lorraine

We are proud to present the testimonial of Mr.Jean Sabbioneda, Laboratory Manager Sollac Lorraine:

The production control laboratory is in charge of the control of the steels during their working-out. The steels produced are mainly low carbon steels with traces of elements like C, N, B, Ti, S, Nb being as low as several ppms. This control implies severe constraints on the reproducibility, accuracy and robustness of the analytical method as well as very short delays for the analytical answer.

The laboratory, which was composed of five shifts of four people, was reduced to three people while keeping the same workload.

The decision was taken to equip the laboratory with a fully automatic analysis system including an automatic belt grinding machine, the Thermo Scientific™ ARL™ SMS-2000™ with an image analysis system to identify defective samples in advance and labeling system to mark the sample after analysis, as well as the Thermo Scientific™ ARL™ 4460 spectrometer with the CNOPS option for the trace analysis of these elements and the Spark-DAT™ option for inclusions determination.

Objectives were rapidly achieved. The commissioning took one month, and 98% of the analysis (including C and N) are performed by the instrument. The inclusion analysis shows a remarkable concordance with the results of our research center, a single operator controls the system, and the weekly maintenance takes less than two hours.

Jean Sabbioneda,
Laboratory Manager Sollac Lorraine, Aciérie de Seremange
Laboratoire Contrôle de Production
Florange (France)