OES analysis for metals and alloys

Optical emission spectrometry (OES) is an industry-standard technique for the elemental analysis of a range of metals and alloys. Perform rapid elemental analysis of solid metallic samples with OES using Arc/Spark excitation. This technique meets the most demanding analysis needs of the metals industry from production control to R&D, from incoming material inspection to scrap sorting.

OES capabilities

Optical emission spectrometry principles

Thermo Scientific OES spectrometers provide fast and accurate analyses of solid metallic samples.

OES instruments for metal analysis

Our stationary optical emission spectrometers offer high levels of accuracy and precise analytical results.

Chemical analysis of metals and alloys

Our instruments are designed for high quality analysis of metals— from trace to percent element concentration levels required by steel and other metal industries.

Optical emission spectrometry service and support programs

We offer a comprehensive range of services for various service needs and requests.

Optical emission spectrometry fundamentals

Learn more about OES basic, techniques, and applications.

Optical emission spectrometry automation

Meet tight time schedules and improve the accuracy of your results by building automation into your OES analyses.