Optical emission spectrometry analysis

Perform rapid, accurate analysis of trace and alloying elements throughout production. Our OES metal analyzers can be used at different production stages in the metallurgical process to control finished and semi-finished metallic products. Analyzing with accuracy and precision from trace to percent element concentration levels, our highly reliable instruments fulfill all the analytical tasks required by steel and other metal industries.

OES periodic table of elements

Thermo Scientific OES instruments are designed to enable elemental analysis with ultimate precision and accuracy at concentration levels from trace to percent on all the elements present in the sample. In addition, analysis of non-metallic micro-inclusions can be performed simultaneously with the elemental analysis, providing steel plants with a unique way to minimize quality issues and costs associated with the inclusions.

Versatile, high-performance OES analyzers for a range of samples

Metal processors need a versatile elemental analysis solution for the wide range of metallurgical samples they deal with. From routine elemental analysis to metals research and development, the Thermo Scientific ARL iSpark Plus Optical Emission Spectrometer provides the solution that primary metals producers, foundries, fabricators in the automotive, aviation and appliance industries, contract laboratories and metal recyclers look for. Adapted to the harshest environments, ARL iSpark Plus metals analyzers offer a high degree of functionality and features to achieve productivity and quality objectives.

Optical emission spectrometry instruments

We offer compact, benchtop optical emission spectrometers for elemental analysis in iron and steel or other metals, an affordable solution for quality and productivity improvements in any metallurgical operation in foundries, metal processors, and other metallurgical industries and laboratories. Our Thermo Scientific ARL easySpark Metal Analyzer is designed for quality control, sorting of incoming/outgoing materials, or in-process production control with a wide element coverage.

Quality control and automation using optical emission spectrometry

Steel manufacturers can further drive process control and efficiencies in their applications with laboratory automation technologies. OES spectrometers can be fully automated to increase throughput, improve analysis accuracy, and decrease costs. This level of automation delivers a complete laboratory workflow solution and can reduce response times, increase sample processing cadence, and improve the availability of automatic sample preparation in highly critical production control environments.

Ultra-fast inclusion analysis with ARL iSpark Plus Optical Emission Spectrometer

The ARL iSpark Plus Spectrometer with Spark-DAT provides unparalleled speed for inclusion analysis. It provides the combined results of elemental and inclusion analysis in a single measurement in

approximately the same time as the time required for elemental analysis alone, thus enabling extremely efficient control of metal quality and production process.

Spectrometry analysis software

Thermo Scientific OXSAS Optical Emission Analytical Software is the most modern software for Thermo Scientific optical emission spectrometers. Powerful and easy to use, it implements state-of-the-art technology and software foundations. Offering one-click integrated design, fast calibration, a user-friendly interface, and more, the OXSAS software platform is designed to evolve to meet your needs throughout your instrument's lifetime.