X-ray diffraction

Meet the demand for high-precision chemical analysis

Quickly obtain detailed structural and phase information of materials using x-ray diffraction (XRD), a versatile and nondestructive analytical technique. XRD analysis provides high-performance results in a wide range of industrial and research applications including academic research, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, polymers, semiconductors, thin films, metals and minerals.

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Featured XRD systems for material science
ARL Equinox 100

Get a dedicated XRD system for QA/QC, academic, and routine applications with the compact, affordable Thermo Scientific ARL EQUINOX 100 X-ray Diffractometer. This transportable bench top instrument offers true flexibility.

Experience real-time measurement in a simple yet powerful benchtop XRD analyzer. The Thermo Scientific ARL EQUINOX 1000 X-ray Diffractometer offers maintenance free, simplified operation for QA and routine XRD studies.

Experience fast, accurate measurements with the Thermo Scientific ARL EQUINOX 3000 X-ray Diffractometer. This research-grade diffraction system provides high resolution detectors, a large sample area, and choice of X-ray sources.

Determine the orientation of large single crystals with the Thermo Scientific ARL EQUINOX LAUE X-ray diffractometer (XRD). This cost effective solution is the perfect instrument for the determination of crystal orientation like ingots, wafer, turbine blades, precious stones, jewelry, among other applications.

Perform both chemical and phase analysis in one simple operation with the Thermo Scientific ARL 9900 Total Cement Analyzer. Achieve excellent process control and ensure consistent clinker quality. 

Video: Benchtop X-ray Diffraction System for Fast and Dynamic Analyses