X-ray diffraction

Meet the demand for high-precision chemical analysis

Quickly obtain detailed phase and structural information of your crystalline materials using X-ray diffraction (XRD), a versatile and nondestructive analytical technique. XRD analysis provides high-performance results in a wide range of industrial and research applications including minerals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, polymers, metallurgy, environmental, mining, semiconductors, etc.

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Get a dedicated XRD system for QA/QC, academic, and routine applications with the compact, affordable Thermo Scientific ARL EQUINOX 100 X-ray Diffractometer. This transportable bench top instrument offers true flexibility.

Experience real-time measurement in a simple yet powerful benchtop XRD analyzer. The Thermo Scientific ARL EQUINOX 1000 X-ray Diffractometer offers simplified operation for QA and routine XRD studies.

Perform both chemical and phase analysis in one simple operation with the Thermo Scientific ARL 9900 Total Cement Analyzer. Achieve excellent process control and ensure consistent clinker quality. 

This proven compliance solution is now available for our ARL EQUINOX X-ray Diffractometers. FDA regulation, 21CFR Part 11

On-demand Webinar: Drill Down to Microstructures

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Benchtop X-ray Diffraction System for Fast and Dynamic Analyses

Analysis of advanced layers and coatings using XRD technique

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Webinars: Materials Science Analysis with XRD and XRF

Explore this on demand series of 5 webinars on materials science applications using X-ray diffraction (XRD) and X-ray fluorescence (XRF). Each webinar is 30 minutes or less, covering applications:

  • Enhance your oil and gas solutions through X-ray diffraction
  • Enhancing productivity and value of mineral sources using XRD and XRF
  • Teaching elemental and structural analysis of materials
  • Ensuring safer and effective pharmaceutical formulations by X-ray diffraction
  • Ensuring quality and safety of polymers

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Application corner

Analyzing Clinker Phases with the Thermo Scientific ARL 9900 Total Cement Analyzer

Technology that combines the advantages of both XRF and XRD together is the best solution to ensure quality control in the cement manufacturing process. Quartz in raw meal, free lime in clinker, clinker phases and limestone additions in cement can be quantified with high sensitivity, reliability and excellent stability.

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