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X-ray diffraction (XRD) is a versatile, nondestructive analytical technique that’s sensitive to the atomic structure of matter. XRD enables phase identification, quantification, and many more applications used for a diverse array of industrial and research applications.


The Thermo Scientific ARL X-ray diffractometers are designed to meet the stringent structural and phase analysis requirements of today’s industrial and research labs—offering a cost-effective solution for quality control, dynamic studies, formulation determinations, and research and development. These instruments are routinely used by a wide range of applications including geology, polymers, pharmaceuticals, polymers, steel, nanomaterials, semiconductors, forensics, and more. 


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Get fast, accurate, and precise results with our X-ray benchtops diffractometers for your industrial and academic research requirements.

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Browse our range of benchtop XRD instruments, our XRF/XRD analyzers and our software solutions.

A diverse range of applications

Get the data you need for your specific application—from phase identification to degree of crystallinity to crystal structure and thin-film analysis.

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Benefit from industry-leading customer support and a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Maximum security and data integrity

Provide data integrity protection and obtain complete audit trails, while complying with US regulations governing the security of electronic records.

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Learn the XRD basics while browsing videos, brochures, and other resources designed to help you expand your knowledge of this important technique.