High-performance XRD at an affordable cost


Our cost-effective Thermo Scientific ARL EQUINOX XRD instruments offer everything from routine quality control for industrial labs to dynamic studies and formulation determinations in university and commercial settings. A wide range of materials from minerals to medicines can quickly and accurately be analyzed. These instruments can easily be adapted for different sample types and analytical conditions in seconds—without the need for time-consuming re-alignment.

Real-time, simultaneous data acquisition

ARL EQUINOX X-ray Diffractometers include curved position sensitive detectors, unique acquisition tools that collect all diffraction data simultaneously across a wide angular range. These detectors can perform diffraction experiments on powders, bulk material, and thin films all in real time—providing fast analysis and exceptional resolution. Analysis is completed in just a few minutes on most samples regardless of resolution requirements.

XRD detector

Robust and reliable measurements across environments

We offer  X-ray diffraction (XRD)  bench-top instruments  that enable material scientists and engineers to perform qualitative, quantitative, and advanced structural investigations on a variety of materials. These instruments serve a diverse array of needs including routine quality control in industrial labs, dynamic studies, formulation determinations, and research and development in both universities and industry settings.

A wide range of analyses

ARL X-ray Diffractometers can help researchers perform a broad array of analyses from routine quality control-related phase quantification in industrial process control to real-time determination of structures, texture, residual stress, polymorphism, reactivity, and kinetics of advanced materials in the form of powders, solids, and thin films. These instruments serve as a foundational   technology in solid-state science, providing unique insights into the composition and structural arrangement of crystallized samples in applications ranging from mining to pharmaceuticals to polymer and semiconductor research. 

Grazing incidence measurement: Observation of an interference with the substrate peak.

A large selection of sample holders

Our versatile line of ARL EQUINOX XRD instruments can be adapted for several sample types in various analytical conditions. Sample adaptors are easily switched in a matter of seconds without the need for tedious re-alignment. Accessory stages include everything from fixed non-spinning sample stages to six-position automatic sample changers with spinning sample holders to temperature-controlled stages. 

Sample holder range

Compliance with regulatory requirements

Thermo Scientific SolstiX XRD Software with Security Suite enables pharmaceutical companies to comply with the US Federal and Drug Administration’s 21 CFR Part 11 requirements. Using this software, laboratories can authenticate users, obtain true digital signatures to record responsibility and provide data integrity protection, and obtain complete audit trails—ensuring they maintain the security of electronic records.

SolstiX XRD Software platform