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Visit the XRD Academy to learn the fundamentals about X-ray diffraction (XRD), obtain more information about specific applications, and watch our selection of XRD videos. Also, browse our other resources below to find out how to put our Thermo Scientific ARL XRD instruments to work for your research needs.

XRD Academy

Check out Thermo Fisher Scientific’s X-ray diffraction learning center to extend your knowledge about X-ray diffraction.

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Additive manufacturing

Cement Manufacturing



Geology, Mining and Minerals


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Polymers and Plastics

Spectroscopy and material characterization demo center

Take advantage of a customized virtual demo experience to show you how Thermo Scientific XRD instruments can help with your research.

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XRD video library

Check out our selection of structural analysis videos.

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Choose from a broad range of webinars to see how XRD and other techniques are advancing research in areas ranging from pharmaceutical to industrial quality control to environmental applications.