Product features

• New: 500W equivalent analytical performance from 200W X-ray power
• 200W equivalent analytical performance from 50W X-ray power
• High precision, outstanding repeatability and stability to comply with sulfur analysis requirements
• Pre-calibrated turnkey solution for routine sulfur analysis
• Low cost of ownership thanks to low operating cost, high reliability and minimal auxiliary equipment
• Optional multichromators for faster analysis or better performance on selected elements
• Innovative UCCO technology combined with Thermo Scientific™ SmartGonio™ to achieve high sensitivity

Sulfur analysis requirements

Requests for analysis of sulfur in fuels and oils are increasing as environmental regulations worldwide continue to tighten. Current fuel sulfur standards in some countries already reach as low as 10 ppm, with other countries following. Ensuring 10 ppm or less sulfur at the filling station means producing gasoline or diesel at even lower levels, around 4 ppm.

The compact power of the ARL OPTIM’X Sulfur Analyzer attains these low levels of quantification and beyond with excellent precision.

Customer Testimonial

ARL OPTIM'X at SGS Belgium-Antwerp: Where speed of sulfur analysis and ease of use form a perfect solution


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