Gemini FTIR/Raman Handheld Analyzer
Thermo Scientific Gemini FTIR/Raman Handheld Analyzer

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The rugged, compact Gemini Analyzer meets the demanding requirements of elite military and public safety forces, helping operators execute their mission quickly, safely, and accurately.

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White Paper: Lesser and Lesser becoming Deadlier and Deadlier: Detecting Low Doses of Lethal Opioids

Finished products in small, difficult to detect packets is the latest trend in drug trafficking. With low concentrations of very toxic drugs becoming increasingly common, the Gemini Analyzer with LowDoseID is a valuable addition to the analytical detection and identification toolbox of law enforcement and border protection and will doubtless save lives.

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Video: Low concentration analysis of narcotics

Redefining how agencies perform narcotic and chemical identification

Featuring low concentration identification capabilities for street narcotics, the Gemini Analyzer with Low Dose ID is the newest tool in stopping the distribution of illicit drugs.

Scan formats

Gemini offers two formats for scanning. ID mode is ideal for advanced users looking for chemical identification. Screener mode offers a simpler interface, focused on low concentration narcotics detection.

Intuitive operation for any user

The graphical interface ensures that minimal training is required for proficiency. For new users, the Scan Assist feature guides technology selection with a series of easy questions. The consistent interface and workflow across technologies ensure that experienced operators can easily proceed with sampling.

Scan delay

In addition to the Raman scan delay, adjustable laser power, and other built-in safety features, Gemini introduces the industry’s first FTIR scan delay, enabled by the motorized anvil. 

Flexible input

Operators can easily navigate features using either the tactile keypad or resistive touch screen, even when wearing protective gloves.

3 Technologies in 1
Dual technologies for complementary and confirmatory analysis
Complementary and confirmatory

Raman and FTIR are highly specific and reliable identification methods, each with strengths and limitations. By integrating both into a single analyzer, operators harness the power of each technology while enabling a broader range of chemical identification.

SERS - low concentration analysis
By utilizing the enhanced hardware and software of the Gemini analyzer, combined with SERS (Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy), Gemini is able to deliver low concentration analysis and results for key narcotics.

Designed for survivability
From extreme climates to aggressive handling, Gemini has been certified to the latest military standards for ruggedness—drop, shock, vibration, temperature, immersion and much more.

Flexible approaches to scanning
Flexible approaches to scanning Utilizes both Raman & FTIR technology
ID Mode

Utilizes both Raman & FTIR technology

  • Provides complementary and confirmatory results
  • Ideal for advanced users
  • General characterization of chemicals
Be prepared and aware
  • HazMasterG3 Software (add on capability)
  • Determine potential hazardous material being made from on site chemicals
  • Determine what HME formula ingredients are missing
Screener mode Utilizes Raman and SERS
Screener Mode

(available with LowDoseID)

  • Utilizes Raman and SERS
  • Ideal for all user levels
  • Narcotics identification

Direct Scan

  • Analysis via holder or probe
  • Substances that are pure or in high concentration

Type H Scan

  • Substances present in low concentration
  • Items with fluorescence issues

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Make fast, informed decisions with confidence

See the results of years of user input and collaboration with the U.S. Military—the Gemini Analyzer was designed with an understanding of the conditions emergency responders face and the demands placed on their equipment.

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The Gemini Analyzer with LowDoseID provides improved detection capabilities of illicit drugs with the addition of the SERS H-Kit and Screener algorithm enhancements. These new device capabilities provide low concentration detection of drugs in mixtures and pills.

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Gemini Integrated Raman and FTIR for Chemical and Explosives ID

The rugged, compact Gemini Analyzer meets the demanding requirements of elite military and public safety forces, helping operators execute their mission quickly, safely, and accurately.

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  • Gold Medal in the Forensics and Security category at the 2016 Edison Awards, which honors excellence in human-centered design and innovation
  • Editor's Choice Award in the Analytical Test category at the 2015 R&D 100 awards, which honors the best innovations of the year across a range of industries
  • Bronze Innovation Award at Europoltech in the Supermodern 2015 Programme 
  • "Highly Commended" recognition as part of the ADS Security Innovation Awards 2015 at the Security and Policing Conference in the UK 
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing All-Star Innovators Award in "Analytical and Monitoring Devices" Category