The Thermo Scientific™ Gemini™ Handheld Analyzer helps identify a broad range of unknown chemicals and explosives in the field quickly, safely, and confidently using FTIR and Raman spectroscopy in a single instrument. The Gemini Handheld Analyzer gives military personnel, bomb technicians, hazmat teams, and first responders significant tactical advantage, helping them minimize time on target and confidently make lifesaving decisions.

A:  The Gemini Handheld Analyzer enables operators to quickly switch between Raman and Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopic analysis techniques. Raman and FTIR are highly specific and reliable identification methods, each with strengths and limitations. By integrating both into a single analyzer, operators harness the power of each technology while enabling a broader range of chemical identification.

A:  In addition to Raman scan delay, adjustable laser power, and other built-in safety features, the Gemini Handheld Analyzer includes the industry’s first FTIR scan delay, enabled by a motorized anvil. Optional HazMaster G3 software enables users to virtually mix chemical substances, protecting themselves and the public from potentially dangerous chemical combinations.

Operators should take necessary precautions when operating the instrument, as outlined in the product’s user manual and training materials. Also, operators should ALWAYS follow their own organization’s training and instructions, procedures, and regulations for the safe handling of unknown, hazardous, and/or energetic substances.

A:  We understand the conditions operators face and the demands they place on equipment. From extreme climates to aggressive handling, the Gemini analyzer has been certified to the latest military standards for ruggedness—drop, shock, vibration, temperature, immersion, and much more.

A:  Weighing less than 2 kilograms, the Gemini analyzer is easily transported downrange or into the hazard zone—reducing the logistical burden of carrying two separate technologies and increasing efficiency with confirmatory identification capability when and where it is needed. By providing sophisticated technology in such a compact, lightweight device, one no longer needs to sacrifice capability for weight, giving an unparalleled advantage in the field.

A:  The Gemini analyzer’s intuitive interface ensures quick training for first-time users and continued proficiency for experienced operators. The Scan Assist feature helps new users select the most appropriate technology with a few simple questions. 

In addition, there is a large tactile keypad, a resistive touch screen designed for use while wearing gloves, an integrated Raman probe, motorized FTIR anvil, and flexible power options, among other user friendly features that cater to both experts and non-experts in the field.

A:  The Gemini analyzer produces clear results, with no subjective interpretation. The instrument includes a comprehensive library of over 14,000 chemicals (both solids and liquids), and features best-in-class algorithms and automatic mixture analysis.

A:  With an active support plan, Gemini products include 24/7, 365 reachback support with access to Ph.D. spectroscopists for spectral analysis and operational inquiries. Click here to access the Gemini Customer Support Login page, where you can locate your Gemini serial number and support code, find contact information, access safety data sheets, ISO 9001 certificates, and warranty information, view parts and accessories, and log in to the download center.

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See the results of years of user input and collaboration with the U.S. Military—the Gemini Handheld Analyzer was designed with an understanding of the conditions emergency responders face and the demands placed on their equipment.