Hazardous Materials Identification
Improve HAZMAT response with portable analysis in the danger zone

Safe and proper disposal of hazardous materials is a growing concern for communities around the globe. Hazmat technicians, firefighters and incident commanders need to quickly analyze and identify the contents of unlabeled spilled material and illegally dumped drums. Increasingly complex industrial processes introduce new toxic chemicals that require special disposal and waste treatment facilities that need to test and verify the products they receive.

Traditional hazmat analysis at a remote laboratory adds time and expense to the remediation process. Thermo Scientific Defender OmegaThermo Scientific FirstDefender and Thermo Scientific TruDefender handheld analyzers harness the power of Raman or FTIR spectroscopy to quickly verify the contents of drums, bags, bottles and more directly in the hazard zone.

Building on the industry-proven success of the FirstDefender and TruDefender instruments, Thermo Fisher Scientific now offers the Thermo Scientific Gemini analyzer, the first chemical identification tool to provide both FTIR and Raman technology in a single portable solution. The Gemini analyzer evaluates a broader range of sample types for more comprehensive results, helping responders keep themselves – and their community – safer.

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See the results of years of user input and collaboration with the U.S. Military—the Gemini Analyzer was designed with an understanding of the conditions emergency responders face and the demands placed on their equipment.

When You Need to Know if the Threat Is Real

Learn about the advanced technology, planning tools, and instruments available to first responders, firefighters, law enforcement, military, and government agencies to aid in the detection of radioactive materials and the identification of chemicals, narcotics, and explosive threats. Includes grant information. Read A Practical Guide to Safety and Security Threat Detection Technology.

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