Narcotics Identification

A more accurate and reliable presumptive test

Bring the accuracy and reliability of a lab-proven technology directly to the scene with the Thermo Scientific™ TruNarc™ Handheld Narcotics Analyzer. The TruNarc analyzer easily and quickly tests for over 400 substances, including narcotics, stimulants, depressants, hallucinogens and analgesics.

  • Library regularly updated to include emerging drug threats
  • Requires no direct contact with most substances
  • Delivers clear, real-time results for presumptive evidence
  • Provides automated, tamper-proof records with scan results, including time-and-date stamps to help expedite prosecution.

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Want more information about how the TruNarc Handheld Narcotics Analyzer uses Raman technology to identify multiple controlled substances including narcotics, synthetic drugs, cutting agents, and precursor chemicals in a single test, without direct contact for most samples?

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