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Extend the reach and flexibility of your animal feed and pet food ingredient analysis with the portable, easy-to-use Thermo Scientific™ microPHAZIR™ AG Feed Analyzer. The handheld microPHAZIR AG analyzer brings the power of near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy out of the lab and into the palm of your hand, allowing inspectors to validate the quality of materials anywhere in the supply chain, from bulk material deliveries through finished product inspection.

Achieve the right nutritional mix

Consistent and predictable feed quality means lower operational costs, greater animal productivity, and happier customers (or pets!). The microPHAZIR AG analyzer allows you to constantly monitor the percentages of such key feed components as protein, fat, fiber and oil and moisture.

Out-of-box accuracy

The microPHAZIR AG analyzer is user-ready with pre-loaded calibrations powered by INGOT™ , a globally representative plug-n-play NIR data set. Pre-loaded calibrations eliminate a company’s need to invest substantial time and resources in developing and managing its own data sets and calibrations.

See it in action!

See for yourself how the microPHAZIR AG analyzer will help you expand your testing capability while maximizing consistency and profitability.

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Optimize your feed mix, reduce claim filings, increase productivity and strike the all-important balance between nutrition and cost. With the press of a button, you can inspect feed ingredients anywhere in the supply chain and obtain reliable, lab-quality analysis within minutes.

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Material verification in the palm of your hand

The Thermo Scientific™ microPHAZIR™ AG handheld animal feed and pet food analyzer brings lab-quality NIR analysis to the field. Watch how easy it is to obtain important nutritional data such as protein, moisture, sugar, starch and fat content using built in calibrations for out-of-the box measurement of any feed or feed ingredient.

Portability throughout the entire process

Cover all material inspection points for complete quality control. Anywhere you go, the Thermo Scientific™ microPHAZIR™ AG analyzer can go with you: to the point of delivery, anywhere in the facility, to spot-check finished goods, or to trouble shoot at customer sites.