Plastics and Carpet Recycling

Streamline incoming inspection without compromising accuracy

Each year, tons of plastics and carpets are discarded, consuming enormous space in landfills across the country. Accurate sorting -- the critical first step for recycling -- and processing of these materials is complex and challenging. As plastic and carpet recycling efforts increase, so does the demand for effective screening technologies to properly identify and sort these materials to ensure they can safely be reused in consumer and environmentally-friendly finished products.

Carpet reclamation and plastic sorting facilities can rely on the Thermo Scientific™ microPHAZIR™ PC Analyzer to achieve high quality reprocessed material from post-industrial and post-consumer goods. The microPHAZIR PC handheld analyzer provides rapid screening and identification of plastics and carpet fibers anywhere on site to increase regular inspection rates and keep recycling programs on track.

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