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Metal manufacturing and processing requires precision at the elemental level, but with globalized trade in scrap metal, the rise in counterfeit metals, and the possibility of inaccurate material test reports (MTRs), all participants in the metal industry—suppliers, distributors, inspectors and industrial consumers—are at risk of alloy mix-ups.  

Misidentifying metal hurts your brand and your bottom line. Wrong or out-of-specification alloy grades can lead to potentially catastrophic equipment failures, a well-known issue in the refining and aerospace industries.

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Manufacturing and Metal Fabrication

The potential for material mix-ups and the need for traceability are a concern at every step in the metal fabrication and manufacturing process. But ensuring your metals are made from the right ingredients in the right percentages isn’t as simple as checking a material test report (MTR); significant discrepancies have been discovered between material certifications and actual alloy chemistries.

The scrap metal recycling industry generates billions in revenue and is projected to keep growing as more and more recycled materials are being used in fabrication processes. While scrap metal recycling has obvious financial and environmental advantages, many varieties of metal are now entering scrap yards, often from unknown sources. Even when the source and composition of metal is documented, metals are often found to be mislabeled or misidentified. Globalized trade in scrap metal, alloy stock, and finished products is contributing to the incidence of alloy mix-ups.

Scrap Metal Recycling
Positive Material Identification

Thermo Scientific™ Niton™ portable XRF analyzers play an important role in any industry where positive material identification and elemental chemistry are critical. With lab-quality results delivered in seconds rather than the days or weeks it can take for a traditional testing laboratory, production delays can be avoided, safety compliance achieved, and customer expectations met.

Businesses that buy and recycle gold also have a lot at stake. Failing to identify counterfeit gold or inaccurately measuring karat (K) weight of gold jewelry can be an expensive mistake.

Our analyzers can instantly verify the quality and composition of metals at the point of delivery, on the production line, or at finished product inspection points. Niton analyzers equipped with Thermo Scientific™ AuDIT™ gold-plating detection technology identify the precious metal content in jewelry, coins, and other valuable products with fire assay-comparable accuracy.

Precious Metal and Jewelry Analysis
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Niton XL5 benefits and features

The Thermo Scientific™ Niton™ XL5 Handheld Analyzer offers fast, powerful alloy analysis in a small, lightweight package.

Customer testimonial: Acuren Inspection Services

Acuren Inspection Services of Houston, Texas uses Thermo Scientific™ Niton™ XRF analyzers to help assure quality and safety compliance in the petroleum refining and petrochemical sector.