Positive Metal Identification

Fast, accurate alloy identification and elemental analysis ensures integrity of your systems across the process plants

For the nuclear power, aerospace, petroleum and petrochemical industries, the emphasis on safety and accident prevention has never been greater - increased public scrutiny, stepped-up industrial safety regulations, and more stringent OSHA oversight and fines. This means that positive material identification (PMI) in alloys used throughout the physical plant is no longer a choice, but a necessity. Simply relying on spot testing of parts and sub-assemblies is too risky and totally unacceptable. Today's best practices include 100% positive material testing of all critical materials.

  • Rapidly verify alloys in seconds
  • Recover lost material traceability
  • Isolate finished welds to validate filler material composition and dilution rates
  • Confirm the integrity of process piping, valves, and reaction vesselFastest alloy grade ID
  • Unparalleled accuracy for confident results every time
  • Lightweight and rugged

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