Analytical Instrument Solutions for Automotive

From leather interiors to an alternative energy powertrain, every component in today's automobile is designed for profitability, performance and appeal. Analytical instrumentation that reveals the chemistry and composition of materials plays an essential role across the supply chain, from R&D to failure analysis. Discover what Thermo Fisher Scientific offers to improve your bottom line and cement your relationship in the automotive industry.

Instrument Solutions for Automotive
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Formulate durable paints, coatings, and adhesives with rheology and spectroscopy that reveals the essential properties of liquids, semi-solids and curing.

Design new parts, troubleshoot production problems, and deformulate plastics and composite materials.

Characterize the electrochemistry in emerging storage solutions, monitor emissions, study catalytic materials, and identify molecular constituents in petroleum and biofuels.

Evaluate new metal alloys, understand surface properties and characteristics, and identify causes of defects and failures. 

Discover analysis capabilities to improve design, mixing and extrusion processes for rubber compounds. 

Investigate glass coating layers to understand and control flow of visible light and radiant energy.

Evaluate characteristics of traditional materials like silicon and understand the impact of new nanotechnology applications.

Analyze changes and degradation in materials and screen for contaminants to ensure quality of lubricants, oils, gasoline and other fluids. 

‘Green tires’ that you can actually make

There’s a lot of choice in tire ingredients – natural rubber vs synthetics, silica, carbon black types, reinforcing fibers, compounding agents, etc.  Your next eco-friendly ‘green’ tire has to be one you can also manufacture on the production line.

By simulating a full-scale processing environment in the test lab with a modular torque rheometer and extruder system, you can test the processability of various rubber compounds. View this free application note showing how such a system was used to test rubber compound with different types of carbon black.

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Green tire