Atomic Absorption (AA) Spectroscopy

Efficient, accurate, and cost-effective

If you seek a truly cost-effective solution for efficient, accurate trace elemental analysis, look no further than the Thermo Scientific™ iCE™ 3000 Series AA spectrometers. With dedicated flame, furnace or combined flame and furnace options, these fast, easy-to-use and fully automated AA analyzers offer refreshingly good value for your money. 

Featured AA spectrometers
iCE 3300 AAS Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

A complete solution for laboratories performing primarily flame analysis with occasional furnace samples. 

Ideal for laboratories facing challenging detection limits.

iCE 3400 AAS Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
iCE 3500 AAS Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

Ideal for high throughput environments with a requirement for quick and regular flame and furnace analysis.

Flame analysis

The most commonly used technique, flame AAS is compact, cost-effective, and highly suited to liquid or dissolved samples containing target analytes. As only a small portion of the sample ultimately arrives at the flame due to the aerosolizing process, flame AAS provides a relatively high interference removal, resulting in reliable accuracy. Ideal for trace elemental determination in the mg L−1 range and lower for some elements. 

Furnace analysis

A highly robust technique, furnace AAS is capable of analyzing low volume liquid samples. Ideal for labs handling complex matrices on a routine basis, it provides very efficient interference removal, resulting in sensitivity of several orders of magnitude higher than flame AAS, enabling trace elemental determination in the low μg L−1 range and lower for some elements. 

Need atomic absorption consumables and accessories?
Need atomic absorption consumables and accessories?

Get reliable performance and productivity with quality parts and accessories designed for your AA spectrometers.