A common workflow across multiple instruments

Qtegra ISDS Software has an intelligent workflow that drives you from sample to result. This intelligent and dynamic approach minimizes operator tasks between sample receipt and final result, dramatically boosting laboratory productivity.

21 CFR part 11 compliance

Qtegra ISDS Software provides a full range of features to comply with your regulatory requirements, including audit trails, open/closed system control, electronic signatures, identification codes and passwords, and full record change traceability.

Cross-laboratory connectivity

Qtegra ISDS Software supports full integration with LIMS. Sample lists can be imported from LIMS into pre-defined protocol templates, incorporating the full range of quality control checks. Comprehensive, user definable reports allow for flexible export to external LIMS software packages.

Integrated accessory control

Qtegra ISDS is a modular software platform that leverages plug-ins to define the analytical environment. In Qtegra ISDS software, peripheral devices from industry-leading suppliers are combined with core Thermo Scientific technologies for seamless operation within a single user interface.

Qtegra ISDS Software is compatible with a variety of powerful analytical instruments used to analyze trace elements and elemental isotopes. Use the table below to see what features are available for your application.

SupportedTrace elementalHR-IRMSMC-ICP-MSNoble gasGas IRMS
InstrumentsThermo Scientific ICP-MS and ICP-OES SystemsUltra HR-IRMSNeoma MC-ICP-MSArgus VI, Helix SFT, Helix MCDELTA Q IRMS and 253 Plus 10 kV IRMS with peripherals
21 CFR part 11 compliant environment  
Chromatography integrationOptional using ChromControl plug-inOptional using ChromControl plug-in 
Nanoparticle analysisOptional using npQuant plug-in
GetReady functionality     
Desolvation nebulizers 
Workflow setup     
Laser plug-in   

Download the Intelligent Scientific Data Solution Software product specifications for more details, including:

  • Autosampler compatibility
  • Desolvation nebulizers
  • Laser plug-ins

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