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We are committed to providing instruments, reagents, and technologies that will lead the way to remarkable agricultural discoveries—everything from improved crops and better livestock to sustainable biofuels. Bring to life the next generation of crops and livestock with simple, scalable, and affordable solutions from Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Target genotyping by sequencing in any species for cost-effective trait mapping

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Ion Proton™ Sequencer
QuantStudio® 3D Digital PCR System
Featured plant sciences research applications

Ion Torrent™ and Applied Biosystems® sequencing instruments, reagents, and analysis software to uncover the genetic makeup of plants.

Cutting-edge solutions to identify, sequence, map, and confirm markers for your plant breeding programs.

A wide range of technologies to facilitate your breeding and functional genomic studies, such as genotyping by sequencing, real-time PCR, and fragment analysis.

From Ion Torrent™ sequencers to TaqMan® gene expression assays we have a wide range of products for studying gene expression in plants.

The widest selection of products for all steps of the cloning workflow, including gene synthesis, genome editing and transformation tools specifically designed to develop transgenic plants.

Whether you are detecting GMO-specific DNA sequences or rare alleles in plant genomes, we have solutions for your throughput, accuracy, and detection sensitivity needs.

Solutions for plant research

Products for plant cell and tissue analysis—from antibodies to flow cytometry instruments to Molecular Probes® fluorescence imaging tools.

Kits & reagents specifically designed to isolate nucleic acids from plant tissues.

Your one-stop resource for news, publications, inspiring stories, protocols, resources, and more.

Innovative solutions to study post-translational modifications and to correlate RNA and protein expression levels in the same sample.

We offer innovative technology platforms optimized for each step of plant biotechnology workflows.