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Thermo Fisher Scientific is committed to providing instruments, reagents, and solutions for plant and animal genotyping applications: simple, scalable, and affordable next-generation solutions that will help drive remarkable agricultural innovations. These solutions enable producers to develop healthier, more efficient crops and livestock to help nourish the world's growing population.

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Agrigenomics spotlight
Dr. Karlsson

Doing citizen science with the Axiom genotyping solution

Canine research is a promising field, aiming to address basic biological and medical questions about dogs and humans alike. Central to these efforts are modern genomic tools, which enable extensive comparisons between individual genomes to identify the sources of traits and conditions and suggest possible avenues for treatment. Dr. Elinor K. Karlsson has asked and answered important questions about dogs with her canine research program enabled by genomic tools from Thermo Fisher Scientific.

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Array plate

Axiom Canine HD Array

The Axiom Canine HD Array offers over 710,000 markers for validation and discovery of variants associated with specific phenotypes. It was developed by screening over 2000 samples using the Axiom Canine Genotyping Array Sets A and B. The samples covered more than 50 breeds and were carefully selected with appropriate pedigree to maximize polymorphic content.

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Featured agrigenomics solutions

Wide range of animal STR genotyping kits for bovine, canine, and equine parentage.

Cost-effective, scalable, and simple to use, targeted genotyping by sequencing (GBS) solutions support genomics-assisted breeding across a wide range of plant and animal species.

Real-time PCR instruments, TaqMan® Assays, and reagents for generating reliable validation and screening results.

A wide range of technologies to facilitate your breeding and functional genomic studies, such as genotyping by sequencing, real-time PCR, and fragment analysis.

Affymetrix agrigenomic genotyping solutions provide breeders and researchers with a powerful and flexible range of genotyping tools.

Kits and reagents specifically designed to isolate nucleic acids from plant tissues.


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