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Thermo Fisher Scientific is committed to providing instruments, reagents, and solutions for plant and animal genotyping applications: simple, scalable, and affordable next-generation solutions that will help drive remarkable agricultural innovations. These solutions enable producers to develop healthier, more efficient crops and livestock to help nourish the world's growing population.

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Agrigenomics spotlight

Axiom analysis tools enable cutting-edge agrigenomics research

Agrigenomics continues to drive sustainable productivity. Bringing modern genetic and genomic tools to bear on problems of agriculture has already led to improvements, from selective poultry breeding to the evolution of new varieties of more nutritionally complete rice to combat blindness in developing countries. The Applied Biosystems Axiom genotyping solution for agrigenomics provides breeders and researchers with powerful genotyping tools to identify, validate, and screen complex genetic traits in plants and animals to fulfill research and breeding objectives.

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Axiom Bovine Genotyping v3 Array (384f)

The Applied Biosystems Axiom Bovine Genotyping v3 Array has almost 64,000 markers and is designed for genomic and trait selection and parentage verification of cattle. The single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) on the array were selected based on their position in the bovine genome, ensuring even spacing. These include VIP trait-associated SNPs that are publically available, ISAG core parentage markers, and 44,000 markers from the Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDCB). SNPs optimized for STR imputation are also included in the array content. This array is also available in mini-96 format.

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Featured agrigenomics solutions

Wide range of animal STR genotyping kits for bovine, canine, and equine parentage.

Cost-effective, scalable, and simple to use, targeted genotyping by sequencing (GBS) solutions support genomics-assisted breeding across a wide range of plant and animal species.

Real-time PCR instruments, TaqMan® Assays, and reagents for generating reliable validation and screening results.

Kits and reagents specifically designed to isolate nucleic acids from plant tissues.

Affymetrix agrigenomic genotyping solutions provide breeders and researchers with a powerful and flexible range of genotyping tools.


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