Whether you are conducting GMO testing to detect bioengineered genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in a sample for quality control purposes, detecting allergens in food, or quantifying mutant and rare alleles in plant genomes, we offer a range of real-time and digital PCR solutions to address your throughput, accuracy, and detection sensitivity needs with high confidence.

Products and technologies for GMO testing

Corn kernals
TaqMan® GMO detection in corn seeds

Testing for the presence of GMO in food is now required following legislative action in an increasing number of countries and is becoming increasingly important in quality control tests. We offer kits that will allow you to detect GMO-specific DNA sequences in seed, grain, and processed foods and their ingredients with high confidence. These GMO kits are based on the TaqMan® chemistry and are compatible with our wide selection of real-time PCR instruments.

Solutions for rare mutation detection

OpenArray® plate technology for Digital PCR

Understanding the genetics behind plant phenotypes is a complex and laborious process. New approaches such as digital PCR allow researchers decipher the expression of wild type versus mutant genes, measure gene expression of specific alleles (SNPs), or detect new rare mutations. Digital PCR is a new approach to nucleic acid detection and quantification that is ideal for these and other investigations. It doesn’t rely on standards and offers a high tolerance for the multiple inhibitors of PCR that are encountered in plant samples.

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