Generating transgenic plants is key to introducing new crop traits and carrying out gene studies, both in discovery and applied settings. The development of genetically modified plants often requires a complex design of DNA elements to achieve optimum expression effects. We offer solutions for genome editing, cloning, DNA assembly, amplification and analysis, as well as Agrobacterium tumefaciens LBA4404 for plant-cell transformation.

Precise plant genome engineering

The next generation of tools for plant genetic engineering have arrived. GeneArt™ Precision TALs are genome engineering tools for locus-specific modification of the plant genome. Precision TALs provide custom DNA-binding proteins for accurate DNA targeting and precise genome editing. Other technologies limit the choice of targets, but with Precision TALs you can target any locus in the genome, and this increase in engineering accuracy allows you to develop better solutions for your plant research.

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Cloning plant DNA

The construction of T-DNA vectors or vectors for particle bombardment or electroporation is often complex—and a process we've made easier through the development of innovative DNA cloning and assembly products. We understand the challenges of cloning and have the right products for you. Using our plant molecular biology solutions, you can create multiple vectors to test the effect of regulatory sequences in the target plant, or stack traits on the same expression vector for crop enhancement.

If you are doing your own plant cloning
Take advantage of the most innovative portfolio of products that enable fast and efficient cloning, even for complex plant genetic engineering strategies:


If you want us to do your cloning or gene synthesis for you:
Cloning can sometimes be difficult and time consuming, especially if you need to create custom vectors, to handle many sequences at once, or if the ultimate goal is expression of foreign genes in plants. Our Custom Services and GeneArt® teams can speed through these phases of a project, so you can skip the technical hurdles and focus on biology.

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Plant transformation

Agrobacterium-mediated transformation is the easiest, most simple, and widely used transformation technique in plant biotechnology applications, and we offer A. tumefaciens LBA4404 cells and antibiotics to enable your research in this field.