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Search our extensive portfolio of more than 74,000 high-quality Invitrogen primary and secondary antibodies, including our new eBioscience antibodies for flow cytometry applications. With over 85% of the proteome covered, our antibodies are supported by an extensive range of antibody-related products and custom services. Our antibody assays are validated by thousands of citations worldwide, helping you achieve superior results in a wide range of detection and purification applications.

At Thermo Fisher Scientific we are proud to receive this award for our Invitrogen secondary antibodies. CiteAb, in awarding this distinction, looked for the company with the most secondary antibody citations from 2016 data. 

Featured antibody categories

High-quality primary antibodies for cancer research, epigenetics, immunology, neuroscience, stem cell research, and more, validated for multiple applications, including western blotting, immunoprecipitation, and flow cytometry.

Invitrogen eBioscience Super Bright polymer dyes join the Invitrogen Alexa Fluor dye and eFluor dye antibody conjugate portfolios to help answer complex immunology and cell biology questions.

Validated, conjugated and unconjugated secondary antibodies for fluorescent—including our Alexa Fluor conjugates—colorimetric, and chemiluminescent detection. Our secondary antibodies are suitable for western blotting, IHC, ICC, and flow cytometry.

We offer a wide range of ELISAs and related immunoassays that use antibody pairs for single-analyte (ELISA Kits) and multi-analyte (Invitrogen Luminex Assays) detection for the accurate quantitation of intracellular or extracellular proteins.

With a proven track record of >18,000 custom antibody projects completed to date, our custom antibody development, purification, and screening services deliver quality, consistency, and performance.

View our diverse portfolio of tools for immunogen preparation, immunization, screening, and isotyping, and our antibody labeling reagents to help improve signaling and detection results.

Streptavidin, avidin, and Thermo Scientific NeutrAvidin protein conjugates with fluorophores and enzymes are key components of many immunoassays and cell analysis methods involving biotinylated (biotin-labeled) primary or secondary antibodies. Learn about our wide selection.

Choose from a wide selection of antibody purification products to achieve the selective enrichment or specific isolation of antibodies from serum (polyclonal antibodies), ascites fluid, and hybridoma cell lines.

View our extensive selection of antibody and protein labeling kits for the direct attachment of intensely fluorescent dyes, enzymes, and secondary labels, including Invitrogen Alexa Fluor dyes, Qdot labels, R-phycoerythrin, and biotin.

Antibody Performance Guarantee

As a leading provider of high-quality, validated antibodies, our products are used by researchers around the world. Our customers purchase with confidence, knowing that we stand behind the quality of our antibodies with the Invitrogen antibody performance guarantee.

Antibody Data Exchange Program

We are committed to collecting performance data and researchers' feedback on our qualified antibodies, and offer rewards when you share your data with us. Submit your data for qualified antibodies to the program and receive additional antibodies of equal or lesser value absolutely free.

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