Antibodies Learning Center

Learn about antibody methods and technologies

Invitrogen primary and secondary antibodies represent a large and ever-improving portfolio of products designed to help researchers identify, locate, measure, and purify proteins and other biomolecules. Selecting individual antibody products from among hundreds of options can be a challenge. The Antibodies Learning Center contains educational material designed to empower researchers and technicians with the background knowledge about antibody technologies necessary to develop, select, and/or use antibodies to advance their research.

Antibodies featured collections

Cell Signaling Pathways

Study visual maps that illustrate and summarize nearly 50 cell signaling pathways. Select from a list of all pathways or browse for pathways by area of biology. Each pathway includes links to find antibodies to the specific protein targets featured there.

*The use or any variation of the word “validation” refers only to research use antibodies that were subject to functional testing to confirm that the antibody can be used with the research techniques indicated. It does not ensure that the product, or products were validated for clinical or diagnostic use.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.