Epitope Tag Antibodies Education Center

Welcome to our Epitope Tag Antibodies Education Center!

Epitope tagging is a technique where a known epitope is fused, often on the N- or C- terminus, to a recombinant protein using genetic engineering. The fusion gene is cloned in an expression vector appropriate for the desired host cell type and transfected. Thereafter, the epitope-tagged fusion protein can be either detected or purified using an antibody specific for the epitope tag.

The purpose of this education center is to provide more information to new and experienced researchers about:

  • Epitope tagging
  • Types of epitope tags
  • The advantages and limitations of using epitope tags
  • The antibodies we offer that are specific to epitope tags

To learn more about our full range of epitope tag antibodies, please visit our page Epitope Tag and Related Antibodies.