Antibodies play a key role in many protein and small molecule detection and isolation applications, from western blotting to ELISA to immunoprecipitation. They are also used to purify and detect proteins, and to identify cellular structures using immunofluorescence. Search our collection of more than 48,000 antibodies and find the right primary and secondary reagents for your research needs with our easy to use antibody search.

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We have a broad selection of directly conjugated antibodies to support your flow cytometry research needs, directly conjugated to the brightest dyes available.

IP using Dynabeads™ magnetic beads or agarose resin with a variety of kits for standard or covalent antibody immobilization for immunoprecipitation, co-IP, and pull-down.

Learn about a broad range of tools and reagents for your western blot experiments.

Select from a complete suite of labeling tools to image all levels of target abundance.

Learn more about immunohistochemistry methods, tips, and troubleshooting.