Popular antibody labeling products

We offer a number of antibody and protein labeling kits for the direct attachment of the broad range of intensely fluorescent dyes and labels including Alexa Fluor® dyes, DyLight® Fluor dyes, Qdot® labels, R-phycoerythrin (R-PE), APC tandem dyes and biotin, at scales from less than 10 μg up to 1 mg of IgG antibody. Direct labeling of antibodies allows you to use more than one same-species antibody in a single experiment.. You can use traditional labeling chemistries optimized for your application or site-specific labeling using click-chemistry technology.

  Zenon® antibody labeling kits

APEX® antibody labeling kits Microscale protein labeling kits SiteClick™ antibody labeling kit
Antibody labeling kits
Large scale antibody & protein labeling kit SAIVI™ rapid antibody labeling kits
  <10 µg 10–20 µg 20–100 µg 100 µg 100 µg 1 mg >1 mg
  Antibody only Antibody only Protein & antibody Antibody only Antibody only Protein & antibody Antibody only
Alexa Fluor®



Traditional dyes (FITC, TRITC, rhodamine, Oregon Green®, Texas Red®)            




pHrodo® (for antibody internalization studies)    

Qdot® probes      



Tandems and APC

Pacific Blue®


Pacific Orange®