Our custom fluorescent antibody and protein labeling service combines years of conjugation expertise with a wide selection of labels, including fluorescent dyes, phycobiliproteins, and enzymes, along with a choice of labeling chemistries.  We provide conjugation services for both research and commercial use.

Choose your label

We can conjugate your antibody or protein to:

  • Alexa Fluor dyes—for superior fluorescence performance across and beyond the visible spectrum, these dyes can be attached to antibodies and proteins without significant self-quenching, leading to brighter conjugates
  • Qdot nanocrystals—ideal for experiments requiring long-term photo-stability or single-excitation, multicolor analysis, these fluorescent particles have specially modified surfaces that facilitate conjugation to your protein of interest
  • pHrodo Red and pHrodo Green pH indicator dyes—these pH sensitive dyes are almost non-fluorescent at neutral pH, but fluoresce brightly in acidic environments
  • Pacific Blue, Pacific Green and Pacific Orange dyes—UV excitable dyes specifically created for use with the violet laser found on many flow cytometers
  • NovaFluor dyes—superior stability and lot-to-lot consistency. These dyes have a narrow excitation and emission profile; ideal for flow cytometry experiments
  • R-PE, APC, and Alexa Fluor dye tandems—traditional fluorescent labels for flow cytometry applications, along with R-PE and APC tandems featuring our Alexa Fluor dyes
  • Traditional fluorophores and labels—these include biotin, FITC, TRITC, and Texas Red dye
  • Enzyme labels—choose from among RP, alkaline phosphatase, and others

If you don’t see the label you are interested in, just ask—in most cases, we can accommodate your request.

Choose your labeling chemistry

  • Amine labeling—the most common form of labeling; amine reactive dyes are regularly used to label antibodies and other proteins for use in immunochemistry and immunoassays
  • Thiol labeling—this is another option for labeling your protein of interest, if free thiols are present. Depending on the protein, labeling via thiol group may be useful for site specific labeling
  • SiteClick labeling—labeling using click chemistry can introduce the label via sugars found associated with the Fc region of many antibodies
  • Other labeling methods—we also perform labeling utilizing other reactive chemistries, such as labeling a carboxylate and aldehyde groups, or introduce a label using crosslinking chemistries
Other bio-conjugation services
  • Custom Zenon labelingZenon labeling technology allows for rapid non-covalent antibody labeling. If you can’t find the Zenon labeling reagent you need, let us make one for you, with our custom labeling services. Download the custom labeling services quote form, complete, and email to the address on the form.
  • Biopolymer labeling—we can also label certain biopolymers, such as dextrans, with many of the labels listed in the above section.
Frequently asked questions

We will assign a quote number to all requests. Instructions on where to send your antibody and which quote number to reference are included in our quotes.

For best results, we recommend starting with at least 1 mg of material, but can often accommodate smaller conjugations, depending on the protein. Just ask.

Yes, but we charge a handling fee to cover our costs and the risks associated with working directly with a vendor of your choice.

In many cases we can, for an extra fee. Include the requirement when making a quote request, and we can include the additional service in our quote.

In most cases, we can ship product within 15 business days of receiving your antibody and order. Some projects will require additional time.

We will make our best effort to produce the conjugate you request. However, because optimal labeling must be determined empirically, we cannot guarantee that a single conjugation will produce the best product for your needs. Please note that we cannot guarantee the final yield or that the final product will be biologically active. We do not refund payments for services performed.